Candid chat with Aasiya Kazi

I missed acting but I wanted to wait: Aasiya Kazi

After a career in television spanning over almost a decade, actress Aasiya Kazi makes a comeback with Mere Papa Hero Hiralal.

The show that went on air recently will see Aasiya’s entry a little later into the show who plays a grey character for the first time after playing the ideal bahu on a variety of shows earlier.

The actress went missing in action for a while & we learnt that the actress took a sabbatical of sorts to take out time to pursue other passions and also to wait for the right project to come along.

A rather private person, Aasiya was low key the last many months while she was away from television, she opens up, “It was a conscious decision. I did miss acting but I really wanted to wait. I worked really hard to make a decent name in this industry and was fortunate to always have work coming. I grabbed every opportunity that came my way and loved what I did but there came a point when I did not want to run everywhere. I did introspect and was very clear about what I wanted to do next. This industry has been really nice to me but I wanted to take a risk and be choosy for the peace of my mind.”

Playing goody two shoes throughout her career, Aasiya didn’t want to be typecast, “MPHH shows me in a very different light, I play a strong headed police commissioner. It got me excited from the word go. You will see me in a different avatar.”

Though Aasiya did everything that was on her mind during her brief break, “I really had this fetish for nail art for the longest time, so I actually did a course. I would invite my friends over and treat them to nail art. I spent more time at the gym. I caught up on everything I missed. I am in a very content space right now.”

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