Actor Kunwar Amar who plays the role of Tapish in Star Plus’ Anupamaa, is a cricket enthusiast. He is having a whale of a time supporting his favourites in the ongoing IPL 2024.

Says Kunwar on his excitement related to the cricketing extravaganza, “I get incredibly excited for the annual cricketing extravaganza IPL. It’s one of the most anticipated events in the cricketing calendar, bringing together top players from around the world to compete in high-stakes matches. The thrill of watching intense cricket action, the excitement of supporting my favourite team, and the camaraderie among fans make it an unforgettable experience every year.”

On his favourite IPL moment of 2024, he states, “My favourite IPL moment of 2024 will likely revolve around the remarkable achievement that unfolded during the Mumbai Indians’ (MI) spectacular batting display at the Wankhede Stadium. Their total score of 234/5 not only secured them a significant victory but also etched a unique record in the annals of T20 cricket. It stands as the highest total in T20 cricket without any batsman reaching the milestone of fifty runs. This extraordinary feat showcases the depth and collective effort of the MI team, emphasizing the significance of contributions from every player, regardless of individual milestones. This moment epitomizes the essence of teamwork and resilience, making it a standout highlight of IPL 2024.”

Kunwar wishes for these teams to move to the Play-offs. “In IPL 2024, I am looking forward to seeing several teams making it to the playoffs. The Mumbai Indians, with their strong squad and track record of success, are certainly one of the frontrunners. Additionally, teams like the Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Kolkata Knight Riders have the promise to secure playoff spots. The competition is fierce, but these teams have demonstrated their capabilities and could make exciting contenders in the playoffs.”

On the two teams he feels, will reach the finale of IPL 2024 Kunwar says, “I want to see the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings in the finale. Both teams have a history of consistent performances in the tournament, along with a strong roster of players and experienced leadership. Their track record and current form suggest that they have what it takes to make it to the final stages of the tournament and compete for the championship title.”

“As an avid cricket fan, I am rooting for the Mumbai Indians to win the IPL 2024 tournament,” he further states.

On missing the best of players in IPL, he says, “Yes, there are a few Indian players whose absence I miss seeing in the IPL now. Players like Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir, and Harbhajan Singh were iconic figures in Indian cricket and had a significant impact on the IPL with their talent, leadership, and memorable performances.”