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My hosting mantra is simple, be yourself: Raghav Juyal

Dance+ anchor Raghav Juyal, a phenomenal dancer turned host, is enjoying his anchoring stint in the above mentioned show airing on Star Plus.

“The talent on display is phenomenal, a notch up from the last outing.   Our biggest plus is that we have pure talent on display,” says Raghav to IndianWikiMedia.

He had hosted the two previous seasons as well.

Coming to his hosting he shares, “Like you must have seen, I have been given a separate house as a host and I keep popping on set to trouble everyone.  My hosting mantra is simple, I am myself not attempting to impress anyone or follow social norms.  And the best part is that audiences are lapping it up, no wonder I also got a chance to anchor this year’s Golden Petal Awards along with Karan Johar.”

Here, Raghav adds that being a dancer helps him connect with the contestants, “I understand where they come from. Dancers are much more physical, needing to hug and embrace each other, someone else  i.e.  singer will not be comfortable with all this.”

Raghav is now on the path of being a great actor as well. His work in Sonali Cable and ABCD 2 was appreciated by one and all. “I am trying to soak as much when I meet other talented actors.”

Raghav, a product of reality show himself (DID 3), has just one piece of advice to the current contestants.  “Put in your best and yes, try to create your own niche. This is no walk in the park, it took me years to master my popular slow motion skills.  Also remember that reality shows only set you up, the real game starts from there. Like I and my fellow Dance + mentors (Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Yelande and Punit Pathak) all have worked really hard after our respective reality stints ended.”

So how does he console those who fall by the wayside?  “I tell them to look at life as a journey, no event is a full stop. I was never good at studies, yet I am here, so take the down phase as a motivator   and girdle up for the future.”  Interestingly, Raghav did not first make the cut in DID only to be brought back as a wildcard.

Raghav, who had earlier mentored 2 seasons of Dance India Dance, Little Masters, prefers to host rather than be a coach or judge. “It would be really bore to sit in one place. I always like to jump around having fun.”

All the best, Raghav!!!

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