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Actress & diva Deepshikha Nagpal talks about importance of living a healthy life…

Never ever neglect yourself and your health: Deepshikha Nagpal

Dazzling Deepshikha Nagpal, the diva of the entertainment industry, is grace and beauty personified. The lovely lady has wowed her fans and admirers via her impeccable performances over the years in the space of Indian television and cinema (Bigg Boss, Koyla, Baadshah, Gangster among others)

And guess what? The actress is someone who believes in self well being and taking apt care of health.

“My fitness mantra is to love yourself and be happy. I believe a person should respect the way his or her body is, that is very important. Never let people judge you on the basis of your body shape. Be confident in what you wear and how you look,” are the words of Deepshikha.

Indeed laudable thought… at an era when one gets tagged based on body shape, beauty, looks et al, what Deepshikha says makes sense to the T.

So what’s her Health Culture ritual? “Since childhood, I have had the habit of eating small meals. I never eat too much at a particular time. I eat every 2 to 3 hours. This helps to increase my body’s metabolic rate. I am a vegetarian. However, my doctor advised me to eat fish but I take Omega capsules. I prefer eating ghar ka khana (homemade food). I take my meal box along to the sets and also avoid aerated drinks.”

Enlightening tips for all. So does she workout to stay fit? She answers: “I am a very lazy person (smiles), hence I don’t go to the gym. However, I love to dance and perform yoga. The most important thing is walking. I ensure to walk or jog because that releases happy hormones in our body.”

We agree with her. In today’s time if one cannot find time to hit the gym, any kind of physical activity will help to maintain fitness and wellness.

Further, we ask her about her take on preventive healthcare, wherein one keeps a constant tab on one’s health…

“I feel prevention is better than cure. I lost a close family person because at the last stage she was diagnosed with cancer and we had no time left to cure. I get my check-ups done regularly. I don’t like people who spend money on their clothes and beauty but ignore their health and regret later. I would advise people to never neglect health.”

In the modern era with new medical evolution, is she aware of the innovative Oxygen Therapy session? “I have not experienced it yet but certainly know about it. In fact, at your IndianWikiMedia bash, I learnt about it for the first time. I believe the session helps one to rejuvenate and look fresh. Looking forward to try out soon.”

On a closing note, what will be her fitness tips to her fans? “I would jsay engage in any kind of physical activity for at least 30-45mins everyday. Be it sports, gym or yoga, but do sweat it out to stay fit. Smile and live stress free.”

Deepshika is truly a mesmerizing personality. If you too want to experience the innovative Oxygen Therapy, visit medical spa Health Culture today. To know more about Health Culture and its amazing services, click below…

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