Harleen Sethi who plays the protagonist in Discovery JEET’s Gabru gets into a conversation.

The excitement of getting to learn a new skill set like rapping thrilled me: Harleen Sethi

Harleen Sethi who has got an effervescent lead role to play in Discovery JEET’s Gabru: Hip Hop Ke Shehzaade is happy that the much-expected change has started to come in the TV industry!! She believes that it is a brave attempt coming from Discovery JEET to attempt such a genre on TV.

Says Harleen, “In a country where the rural audience enjoys shows that have regressive content, garner highest TRPs and run infinitely, the channel had an idea that this concept might not connect with everybody. Considering this, the move has been brave. Now whether the audience accepts it or not is a different ball game. But I am glad that the risk takers are here which in itself is a great change.”

“As an actor, it is content that drives me. I always look at the script and my character before taking up anything. I am happy and proud that I have been part of this game-changer. There is a new wave of content coming in, and it is an exciting phase to be in for actors,” she adds.

Also, the immediate connect to the concept of Gabru was music for Harleen. “The excitement of getting to learn a new skill set like rapping thrilled me. Anything that is related to music connects to me instantly.”

Harleen who is presently shooting for ALTBalaji’s web-series, Broken wants to look at films too. “Honestly, I would want to say that my next step will be films. Having said this, I am not someone who would look at the medium. I always look for content. But as long as I am working on my art and people like it, I am happy and satisfied.”

Way to go, Harleen!!

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