Nia Sharma and her friend Amrin can be seen posing together at a posh restaurant together, at Miami beach. Amrin shared the picture on her social media handle, celebrating their 9 years of friendship.

Nia Sharma celebrates 9 years of friendship at Miami beach, see pic

Nia Sharma and her dear friend Amrin strike a pose, radiating friendship goals at a swanky restaurant in Miami Beach. With nine years of camaraderie to cherish, Amrin took to her social media to capture this memorable moment. Nia exuded a fierce and glamorous aura, donning a stunning pink halter neck sheer dress that accentuated her impeccable style. Her bold makeup added an extra touch of allure, making heads turn with admiration. This picture is a testament to their enduring bond and serves as a celebration of their beautiful friendship amidst the posh of Miami.

Nia Sharma and Amrin give friendship goals

True friends are like stars that light up our lives, bringing laughter, support, and a shoulder to lean on. They are the ones who understand us without words, who accept us for who we are, flaws and all.

And this beautiful picture is serving nothing but friendship goals in and out. Both the divas looked stunning as she smiled for the camera. Sharing the picture, Amrin wrote, “Mumbai to Miami atfer 9 years We got through this ??(Baby we made it ??) #friendshipgoals”

Here take a look at the picture-

Nia Sharma celebrates 9 years of friendship at Miami beach, see pic 816872

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