It’s Surbhi Jyoti‘s birthday today, and her fans are certainly rejoicing, celebrating their favourite actor’s big day!! Surbhi, on her personal front, is seeing a new high, as it is a given-away fact that she has been dating Sumit Suri, for a long time now. Surbhi and Sumit have hinted about their relationship on social media.

There was also news in the media circles about Surbhi and Sumit tying the knot in March this year, but there has been no confirmation of it. And we have not seen any update on the marriage yet.

At this juncture, friend and well-wisher Nia Sharma sends out warm birthday wishes to Surbhi Jyoti. She is class-personified as she urges her friend to now get married. Nia also states via her social media post that she wants to drop down crazy during the wedding and dance to her heart’s fullest.

You can take a look at Nia’s caption and post here.

Nia Sharma's Special Birthday Wish for Surbhi Jyoti; Wants Her To Get Married, Know Why 897409

Picture Courtesy: Instagram

Well, guess, many fans of Surbhi will also have the same thought as Nia. As for Nia, she has been busy with her new show on Colors, titled Suhagan Chudail, where Nia plays the role of the Chudail.

For now, we wish Surbhi Jyoti a very happy birthday!!