I have no problem if I am typecast as a baddie on screen -Waseem Mushtaq

Waseem Mushtaq chats about his love for negative roles on screen

I have no problem if I am typecast as a baddie on screen -Waseem Mushtaq

Talented and good-looking actor, Waseem Mushtaq, is very happy with the negative genre. He is now playing Bitti’s evil brother, in new &TV show, Bitti Business Wali.  “Virendra is a powerful figure in the family. &TV seems to have understood my desire to play negative as opposed to a positive supporting character, where you hardly have anything to do. As compared to them, writers put in a lot of effort into what a negative character says and does.”

“No wonder, I also played the bad guy in my other &TV ventures, Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi and Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls. The latter was my fist tryst with the negative genre.”

He continues: “I seem to be doing a good job in Bitti as well, for I have started to get abused already. I also try to add elements from my end. For example, I decided to always sport a stubble, as opposed to my clean-shaven, good-boy look. Then there are certain mannerisms and facial expressions, which I keep doing, to enhance the evil element. Right in my first workshop, my producer had told me that my character should generate disdain, the moment he enters the scene.”

“I would have no problem if I am typecast as a baddie on screen. I am willing to go to any lengths to get a sinister character- turn bald as well.”

Waseem, who has earlier played positive lead in Amrit Manthan and Bhagyavidhaata, says that he is on the lookout for big-ticket main leads but, “I will not stop working till then. As an actor, you should keep doing different characters. Plus, I am also aware that the character should fit my age,” says this 34-year-old Kashmiri dude.

Although Waseem has been around in the TV world for the past nine years, he has never courted controversy. “I prefer my work to speak for itself. It feels nice when you are called for roles which require a good actor.”

“Returning to your image question, I am also a married man with a four-year-old, hence have to make sure that I don’t do anything that hurts my family’s sentiments.”

Keep up the good work, Waseem.

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