Actress Priyanka Dhavale who is presently playing the lead in Shemaroo Umang’s new show Kyunkii Tum Hi Ho, is ecstatic that she bagged this opportunity in the show.

Says Priyanka, “Playing the lead in this show is a huge opportunity for me as I always wanted to play a lead role. Every day is a new challenge for me. It also brings in excitement and of course, some added pressure. My thought is to give my 100 per cent. When we got to know that the show is the most-viewed show on Shemaroo Umang, it was a happy moment for all. I am living my dream every day.”

Talking about her role, the lead actress states, “Kavya Sharma is a small-town girl, pure, naive, innocent and vulnerable. She is grounded and rural in her thought and appearance. She believes in destiny and astrology. We can call her destiny’s child. She wants to marry her ‘sapnon ka rajkumar.”

Ask her about the USP of Kyunkii Tum Hi Ho and Priyanka avers, “We have a mix of well-written characters and story. The plot is very engaging and is not the normal one. There are many unpredictable twists in it. Above all, the USP of the show is the love triangle seen in it.”

“As a performer, I have never restricted myself. I want to be a complete performer. So I never had the thought of only doing positive roles. In my last show, I did a grey character. And this one is very different. I have been adventurous as an actor, and have wanted to play with varied emotions,” she adds on.

Priyanka deals with the requirement of unlearning a lot of things in order to play Kavya well. “I am a confident individual, but Kavya is not. Kavya is not modern at all; she does not know to groom herself. So I had to unlearn all of these traits. Kavya lives in a bubble, without knowing how the world outside is. Though a few things in Kavya are relatable, she is more of the opposite to what I am.”

All the very best, Priyanka!!