Anusha Mishra on Sony SAB’s light-hearted comedy show, Carry On Alia

People have body shamed me and I have combated it really well: Carry On Alia lead Anusha Mishra

Sony SAB’s light-hearted comedy show, Carry On Alia, recently introduced an exciting new storyline as Alia along with other teachers embark on a new journey as television news reporters.

With the revamp of the show, Anusha Mishra, who plays Alia, will now be seen playing the role of a news anchor. In a candid chat with, Anusha spoke about the new journey and challenges. Read on:

How has been the experience working on the show so far?

It has been a wonderful experience, I never imagined that I would get a show and it will go on for a year or more. Having said that it has been a fantastic experience to be working with amazing people on such an amazing show. I can’t express my feelings in words. I feel lucky and fortunate to be working for Tera Kya Hoga Alia and now on the new format Carry On Alia. It is equally amazing and challenging.

What will be exciting in the upcoming phase of the show?

We have become reporters now and hence the experience is new. It has been such an amazing journey as Alia so far and this new phase is all the more fun and promises to spread laughter and smile. Every character will be seen tackling a new aspect of news reporting while making it their very own by adding their unique characteristic to the job. It is a new take on how a news channel really should be and that is very interesting.

How have you prepared for your role of a news anchor?

I did not prepare a lot as when I was young, my mom was an avid news watcher so I used to see news 24/7. My mom likes to be alert and aware and she wanted to impart that in me too so that’s why I have been observing the anchors, their body language and stance.

If you were a journalist in real, what is the question that you would never ask to a celebrity?

I would like to ask celebrities about their political opinions because I don’t see a lot of them talking about it. Also, I would want to know their take on current issues and what they think the world should do in order to overcome them.

As a celebrity which question makes you irritated when asked by any journalist?

I am not a celebrity but one question would be ‘aapne is role ke liye weight gain kiya tha?’ ‘aap mote kaise ho gaye?’ These are very annoying. I don’t understand why somebody’s body is anybody’s business. Body related questions whether it’s colour, height, or size, all are body shaming. Multiple people have body shamed me and I have combated it really well according to me. I hope that people stop asking such questions. Well, it’s not the question but it’s the fact that people have such thought process in their mind that they casually body shame people and they don’t realize it.

Any final message

Tera Kya Hoga Alia has become Carry On Alia. We all are working hard on the new season of the show and we hope people like, love and support us.

Good luck!

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