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Shoaib Ali who has entered Baalveer Returns in the role of Ray gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

I am placing my baby steps in the genre of fantasy with Baalveer Returns: Shoaib Ali

Young and talented actor Shoaib Ali is back after his stint in Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai the Zee TV show.

Shoaib has opted for fantasy for the very first time, and is placing his baby steps in the genre. He is happy that he has bagged a strong role in the very popular Sony SAB show Baalveer Returns.

Shoaib plays the role of Ray in the new underwater world that has been created in the narrative.

Says Shoaib, “Baalveer has been a very popular show. We as humans will at times want to be blessed with a super power. So I consider this role as a blessing. This is the first time I am exploring the fantasy genre. I was very much excited when this role of Ray was offered to me. Ray will have different shades, and obviously a set of powers too. Ray’s journey, from birth to how he will progress in life will be a really good watch.”

Talking about his role, Shoaib states, “Ray was in an egg for 20 years, with Baambaal taking care of it. And now, he has come out of the egg and is seeing the world for the first time. So for him, whatever Baambaal says is the truth. Now the journey will proceed to Ray realizing his powers.”

Will Ray be pitted opposite Baaveer in the days to come? “Well there is no clarity of that. Right now, Ray is working as per Baambaal’s orders. Baambaal has shown Ray the world from his point of view.”

Is Ray positive or negative? “Well, Ray at the moment does not know what is right or wrong. He is doing what Baambaal tells him to do. That’s his world.”

“The team has given me an amazing look. I am really happy about it. The entire chroma shoot is new to me and so is the genre. So I am learning a lot from this experience. I am just following orders and putting my best,” he adds.

Shoaib feels lucky to be with a good unit. “The vibe around the set is very good. People are supportive. I have had few scenes with Dev Joshi and Vansh Sayani. Dev is obviously very senior; he has huge energy and is very friendly and supportive. Vansh is a cute kid and a very natural actor.”

Ask him on his expectations from the character and he explains, “These are still early days. I am still getting into the character. My main focus is to get the nuances of my character right. I am keeping my baby steps in the genre of fantasy and I hope people love it.”

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