Actor Rajeev Bhardwaj talks about the emotions involved with men and much more, as the Universe readies to celebrate International Men's Day. Read here at

Rajeev Bhardwaj on International Men’s Day: Men do cry, it’s a natural emotion that should be expressed

November 19 is celebrated as International Men’s Day. The day is significant in raising awareness around men’s health, throws light on their contributions and accomplishments, and also encourages them to set the right example for society. Actor Rajeev Bhardwaj who is playing the lead in Subhash Ghai’s TV Show Jaanaki and is popular for his roles in Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Chandragupta Maurya , speaks about International Men’s Day.

“It’s a good concept. Day to celebrate not only the contributions a man or a boy has in his family or community but also issues related to men’s health, well-being and social responsibility are put under the spotlight,” he says.

It’s being said that there is much hype around International Women’s Day. But such is not the case with Men’s Day.

“Of course, Women’s Day deserves all the popularity and respect, because the contribution of women to society and this world is unparalleled. We, men, derive our inspiration from women to be better as a person and have a better personality,” he adds.

Women express themselves and also talk about their emotions whereas men do not. Also, for ages we have been hearing that men don’t cry.

“Good health & well-being are important for both women as well as men. Definitely, men need to talk about emotional issues. It should not be related to strength or weakness. Men and boys should be encouraged to come out and discuss emotional issues with family. It shall lead to issues being resolved, healing hence better happier lives. Of course yes. Men do cry. It’s a natural emotion that should be expressed. Afterall, why should women have all the fun? Again I reiterate, that it’s a natural emotion. It has nothing to do with the strength or weakness of a man or woman,” he ends.