Sharad Malhotra who celebrates his first anniversary with wife Ripci talks about his first anniversary plans.

We reveal how Sharad Malhotra is celebrating his first marriage anniversary and yes, there is wine in it: Read more

Who says you cannot celebrate during the lockdown?

Actor Sharad Malhotra is making sure to leave no stone unturned for making his wife Ripci feel special on their first anniversary.

“In the midst of this pandemic, we will be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary in each other’s company and completely house-arrested. We shall cook a meal together, listen to some soulful music and sip on our favourite red wine,” he says.

Ask him what is the best thing about being married to her, and he says, “The best thing about my partner that I have discovered during this quarantine period is that she is a very motivating and encouraging person to be with. She has a very positive outlook on life and loves to live in the moment. She is very caring and compassionate too.”

He adds, “Marriage is a beautiful amalgamation of two completely different worlds, having different theories, thoughts, ideas, practices, caste, culture, coming together under one roof. When you are married, you share your joys and sorrows with your life partner which is certainly fulfilling. When life gets tough and things don’t go as planned, people generally look for partners who can support them. Marriage offers that facility to be stuck to one another and share life. When a married couple chooses to live together, they vow to protect and stand by each other through the rough times. Life can be enjoyed better with love over anything else.”

The actor loves whatever his wife cooks too. “She has amazing culinary skills which we both have discovered thanks to the lockdown period. We both are foodies and she loves to cook the most exotic dishes in the books…Shahi paneer, Dal makhani, Pindi chole to the simplest of dal khichdi is being cooked at home. I usually make the morning bed tea for my wife that she relishes with every sip and thanks me for making it the perfect starter for her day,” he says.

Ask him what he is planning to gift her, and he says, “We could not spend time with each other all of last year due to our work commitments until this lockdown period began. So now, till we’re house arrested, I will be gifting her all of my time and attention and will probably get her something as we return to normalcy.”

Wishing you both a very happy anniversary!!

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