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Kanwar Dhillon talks about Bigg Boss 13 wild card entrant Hindustani Bhau

Is it right to promote a serial abuser like Hindustani Bhau, asks Kanwar Dhillon

TV actor Kanwar Dhillon last night put up the following Facebook post questioning the logic of bringing in contestants like Hindustani Bhau in Bigg Boss to up the drama quotient.

Accordingly, we buzzed Kanwar, last seen in Colors show Internet Wala Love, and asked him to talk a bit more about his rationale behind the above post and what he felt about the current season.

“I can’t understand why the channel needed to bring in someone like Hindustani Bhau, who is a known social media abuser. Agreed, he was entertaining during his intro with Salman, but given his personality and the pressure cooker situation inside, can you imagine how he will speak to Siddharth Shukla and the others?”

“Don’t get me wrong. I am not after one person. I am talking about the mind-set of encouraging serial social media abusers by giving them such a huge platform in the name of entertainment. I understand that you need different kinds of characters, but is this the only way to get edgy, voyeuristic content?”

“Actors like me will be compelled to think as to why we should work so hard on our craft when I can just say cuss words online to get name and fame,” added Kanwar, who is now looking for web series. His well-known tube outings have been Do Dil Ek Jaan, The Buddy Project and Hum Hain Na.

Point out that this is not the first time colourful elements have entered the Bigg Boss fray, and he says, “Agreed we had Imam Siddique, but then no one had seen his antics before entering the house, like this time around. I don’t think such an in-the-face personality must have entered Bigg Boss for a long time.”

Talking about this season, he says, “It is sad that highly respected and known TV actors are screaming at each other at the top of their voices. Some might think that if this is the bar, then why castigate Dolly Bindra alone.”

“Honestly, I was turned off after a bit seeing so much friction. Ironically, many, including me, had felt that filling the house with commoners had lowered the discourse, but sadly, our movers and shakers are worse.”

“The biggest downer for me was the silence of the women inmates (Devoleena Bhattcharjee and Rashami Desai), when eliminated contestant Siddharth Dey used highly objectionable language against Shehnaaz Gill. Even Salman called them out.”

“Certain good people are coming out as nasty. The question would be whether that was their real personality coming to the fore or it was the game going out of hand.”

Your quick take on the players?

“Paras, being a Punjabi like me, does get loud. We have been gym-mates. No wonder he and Shukla are at logger heads. The latter, being an in your face player, is doing well so far.”

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