Rupali Ganguly who plays the titular role of Anupamaa in the Star Plus show gets into an exclusive conversation with

The role of Anupamaa has taught me to accept myself the way I am: Rupali Ganguly

Rupali Ganguly who had earlier given so much of liveliness in the character of Monisha Sarabhai in Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai is presently seen living the life of Anupamaa, the woman who loves her family and kids so very much that she is ready to do anything and everything for them.

As the titular character of Anupamaa in the Rajan Shahi and Star Plus show, Rupali Ganguly is the epitome of all emotions.

In a candid and exclusive chat with, Rupali Ganguly talks about her show, character and the way in which this character has changed her mindset.


Congrats on your great performance in Anupamaa

Thank you so much for appreciating my efforts. And thank you majorly for following the show and liking it.

How is it to play her?

Playing Anupamaa is a lifetime role for any actor. As Anupamaa, there is a myriad of emotions that one goes through. There is huge drama with you having broken down, and then picking yourself and going ahead as though it is a new day and beginning. The beauty of Anupamaa lies in her positivity. She does not let anything affect her so much that it clouds her love for her family. She blindly loves her family. There is nothing that is greater than her love for her family. So yes, it is an honour to be playing Anupamaa.

The role of Anupamaa has taught me to accept myself the way I am: Rupali Ganguly 1

Every role teaches actors something. What have you learnt with this one?

We all value our mothers and not that I did not value mine earlier. But this role has brought back my childhood and the way in which we as teenagers, answered at our mother’s back and said certain things unintentionally which would have hurt them. I kind of go back to those memories of mine where I had said things without knowing, that might have hurt my mother. This role has taught me my strengths as an actor. It has made me realize that in the way in which my father was called ‘King of emotions’, probably I am good at emotional scenes. I am still learning and I feel like a newcomer on sets even today.

I am not the perfect figure, the size zero kind of actress. I had wondered how I would look on screen. I was bothered about how people will receive me after so many years. But this role has taught me that I need to accept myself the way I am. And if I perform well, the audience will love me irrespective of my size, weight, the way I look.

You are equally good in emoting as well as in the happy moments. What is your forte as an actor?

I can manage everything pretty well. I am good in comedy, emotions, negative etc. I need to be adept of doing anything as per the writers and creatives’ call. Everything is my forte. I love acting; I love being an actor. It is a blessing that we get an opportunity amidst so many people who come here seeking their dreams. I try my level best to be good at everything.

What do you think is the selling point of the show?

The selling point of the show is its simplicity, and the honesty with which the makers are putting forward this story to the audience. Also the universal emotion of a mother and a homemaker’s love is the strongest point of the show. It is a brilliant concept coming from Rajan Shahi Sir.

Do you relate to Anupamaa in any way?

I relate to Anupamaa totally. The one emotion that she has – her love for the family is within me too. I can do anything for my family. Family always comes first. The emotion of a mother is what I constantly relate to.

Do you believe women go through such problems?

have seen many Anupamaas , my maasi being the biggest example. If there is anyone that is closest to Anupamaa, it is her. As far as I am concerned, I am Monisha Sarabhai in real life. That was me and I was not acting.

The role of Anupamaa has taught me to accept myself the way I am: Rupali Ganguly 2

Did you expect Anupamaa to connect so well with viewers?

There was always a thought that maybe this show might not connect because the protagonist is a 40 plus protagonist. Rajan Shahi had taken a risk. Plus Star Plus had invested so much to this huge risk. In this day of romance, we were bringing forward a show for mothers. So it was a real challenge. However there was a belief in the show. And I too wanted to return after 7 years with this show. The way people are liking this show is enormous. The show Anupamaa probably brings memories of their mothers to people who watch it. For me, I see the show with moist eyes remembering my mother. That is the connect I have with Anupamaa.

You were amazing in the dances that you have done for the show. Take us through your passion for dancing?

I am not a trained dancer at all. But dancing runs in my blood. My mother was an assistant choreographer. My brother Vijay Ganguly is a well-known choreographer now. He is doing quite a lot of work. So ya, I come from a family where dancing is a passion. And I have danced to all songs possible in all the birthday parties and functions in my house (smiles). I love dancing. I never thought of dancing to be my career, as my brother is a phenomenal dancer. I am so thankful that you all have liked my dancing and my enthusiastic efforts towards dancing. Really appreciate it. Thank you for such a sweet compliment.

Your message to fans.

Keep showering your love on Anupamaa and her family. We are happy to be entertaining you.

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