We all know that plenty of work goes behind an actor’s stunning screen presence and every bit of effort is taken by costume designers & stylists to make them look a certain way. It is a skill that requires a sharp eye for detail and a unique creative talent to make a star look effortlessly elegant and beautiful; all they get is a brief of the character, and from a mere description they bring the persona to life. But when an actor also collaborates with a designer and stylist to work towards bringing alive the look, then it is surely going to be one of the masterpieces which they will created & praised by all. 

Now we hear, versatile actress Rupal Patel is leaving no stone unturned for her upcoming show ‘Tera Mera Saath Rahe’.The actress loves to indulge in styling as and whenever she gets the chance. And this time around, Rupal collaborated along with the creative team, designer, and stylist and created the new look in the show for herself. A look that is a formidable combination of elegance, grace, self-effacement, smartness, and newfangledness.  

Rupal Ji says “I always wanted to style my look for the characters I never got an opportunity until now. I want to style my look as I feel it will help me dwell on the character well. I will be designing the look in sync with my Creative Team, Designer, and Stylists so that we can bring out a look that is a compilation of the best ideas and which will grab viewer’s and fans attention towards this new character of Mithila which I am playing in the show. I want my look to highlight the personality of the character I am doing.” 

We all will be seeing Rupal Patel in the character of Mithila who is an independent, educated, and strong woman who takes all the decisions of her life. Well aren’t we all excited to watch Rupal Patel back on screen as Mithila