Actress Kanchan Gupta is all set to enthral audiences as the disciplined Anandibaa in the Star Plus’ new show Anandibaa aur Emily, produced by Optmystix. Kanchan is all geared up for this role, as it presents her in a very unique and never-watched shade.

Says Kanchan, “Being part of a show like Anandibaa aur Emily is a very good experience. The desi and videsi tadka is going to be exciting for the audiences to watch.”

Talking about her role in the show, the actress states, “People have earlier seen me as Kunti in Kya Haal Mr Panchaal. Kunti was cute, demanding, naughty and greedy too. Anandibaa is not like Kunti. Anandibaa has her own disciplines in life and wants people around her to follow the same. She is a renowned name in the place where she stays. People seek her advice on their important matters and walk the path shown by her. This is a very different role for me. I have played different shades in shows like Satrangi Sasural, Kya Haal Mr Panchaal. But this is something very different.”

Ask her about the connect that the show will have with viewers and she says, “There has always been a debate between the way of living of the past and the lifestyle of today’s generation now. There has always been a big gap seen in the manner in which elders visualize life and how today’s kids see life. This will be the ideological clash that will arise when Emily and Anandibaa clash. The way in which the two of them engage will be hilarious to watch.”

“There will be situational comedy in the plots. The cultural differences will be shown in a very relevant way. Both Emily and Anandibaa are not comic, but the way in which they will interact will create comedy,” she adds.

On her co-actors, she quips, “Working with Jazzy Ballerini is great. She understands Hindi so well. Earlier, she used to worry over the loud expressions that we gave on set. But later, she understood the way to shoot. We enjoy our work and have fun when we have free time. Mishkat Varma is a very cute kid. He is doing really well in his character.”

Before signing off, Kanchan exclaims, “I am very excited to be part of the Star family again. I am working after two years, as after the Covid break. Also, I want the same and more love from fans that they showered on me for the role of Kunti.”

Best of luck, Kanchan!