Pratibha Ranta the lead of Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua gets into an exclusive conversation with

I see good growth in me as an actor: Pratibha Ranta of Qurbaan Hua

Pratibha Ranta the girl from Shimla has been the newest face in Indian television to have won hearts!! Playing the lead in Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua, Pratibha has slowly but steadily found her footing as an actor and is now confident of going miles!!

In an exclusive conversation with, Pratibha talks of her beginning, her role and on the amazing response she has been bestowed with.


How would you describe your start as an actor?

The journey has been wonderful. From being a girl from Shimla with an interest in acting, to having got my first role in Mumbai, it has been one amazing experience for me. I cannot thank my stars more. Big thanks to Zee TVand to my Producers Amir Jaffer and Sonali Jaffer ji.

How has the role of Chahat treated you?

Playing Chahat has been fascinating. It was a big challenge to play a Muslim girl. But things soon fell in place, and working on the character became a habit. I have had some wonderful scenes playing Chahat. Everyday has been a learning curve on the set.

I see good growth in me as an actor: Pratibha Ranta of Qurbaan Hua 1

Being your first show, the going was certainly tough with the COVID pandemic bringing everything to a halt, just few days after your show’s launch?

True, it had hardly been one month of shoot for us, as the show launched in the last week of February. Initially, we were told of having a few days halt in shoot due to COVID. I actually thank God that I took the decision of going back to Shimla to meet my parents. If I had stayed in Mumbai during the National lockdown, it would have been really tough for me. When I went to Shimla, I really thought that I will get back to shoot in a week’s time. But the lockdown extended and there was a tension within me for sure.

Soon I got to hear of few TV shows getting shut in the COVID break. My only prayer then was to give me a chance to prove myself with this show. I am glad that Qurbaan Hua continued its run post the lockdown.

How was it to shoot amid the COVID scare?

 Actually I stay with my sister in Mumbai. She has been staying here for many years now. But post the lockdown, she did not return to Mumbai. It was only me who got back for my work commitment. So this phase was indeed tough for me as I had to stay all alone and cook and tend for myself. After a hard day’s shoot, the moment you get home, you do not feel like entering the kitchen, but having food and crashing on bed. Thankfully, she is back now and I have company (smiles).

How is it working with Karan Jotwani?

Oh wow!! Karan as been a huge support for me from the time the show launched. In fact, his words of wisdom gave me the courage to get back to Mumbai post the COVID break to resume shoot. Also, he helped me a lot when I was alone in Mumbai. His mother used to send food for me too; that was very sweet of them!!

I see good growth in me as an actor: Pratibha Ranta of Qurbaan Hua 2

The ratings of Qurbaan Hua are finally on the rise. What have you to say?

Yes, the numbers have seen a rise after the COVID halt and we are grateful for it. The recent tracks have also given me bigger chances to prove my mettle as an actor. I am happy with the response the show has been getting.

Now that you have gotten a platform as an actor, will you want to continue in the acting line?

Of course, yes!! I see a huge growth in me as an actor. I was pretty raw when I started. But now, I have the confidence to face challenges in the roles I play.

You seem to be a pretty good actor from start. How did that happen? 

Well, I have been dancing a lot for my school events. I believe that dance and acting go hand in hand. Even in dance, you need the expressions to be on point. So you can say that I have had the basic knowledge of performing which kept me in good stead for my bigger dreams.

What do you want to tell your fans? 

Thank you for the love you are showering on our show. Continue to watch it.

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