Mohit Sehgal shares his sentiments on Love Ka Hai Intezaar closing abruptly with Star Dopahar slot shutting

I was shocked: Mohit Sehgal on Love Ka Hai Intezaar ending

Mohit Sehgal brings in a certain amount of credibility and nuanced cadence in his demeanor. His personality exudes confidence and his clarity of thoughts is indeed admirable and impressive.

Good looking, charming and classy, Mohit has a strong fan following, which has grown over the years, resonating his evolution as a performer.

However, he is a disappointed, nursing an ache in the heart. No, all is well and breezy with his popular actress wife Sanaya Irani. The matter of concern is his show Love Ka Hai Intezaar ending abruptly.

“When the news reached us, we were shocked. It’s been barely a month and a half for me in the show. I was certainly looking forward to a longish stint. It’s indeed saddening,” shares Mohit with IndianWikiMedia on Star Dopahar slot wrapping up on 30 September. Love Ka Hai Intezaar is a part of the afternoon band of programming.

“Our ratings were seeing a gradual rise. My chemistry with Preetika (Rao) was finding its mark with the audience. End of the day, it’s a business decision. I am sure the channel must have contemplated a lot before taking the final call.”

Mohit, further shares that the loss is not solely his or his team’s as other three shows in the afternoon band too are ending, leading to sudden job loss.

“More than 400 people must be having similar feelings like me. The pain is for everyone.”

Now a tad ‘wiser’, Mohit will be more ‘careful’ in selecting projects in the future.

Post Love Ka Hai Intezaar episode, Mohit will be enjoying holiday with Sanaya, however will be raring to get back to work.

“I and Sanaya love to holiday, but yes I will be back soon,” ends Mohit with his intoxicating smile.

We wish the lad a blissful life ahead.

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