Shubhaarambh actor Akshit Sukhija gets into a share of rapid fires. Check here.

Shubhaarambh actor Akshit Sukhija reveals the craziest thing done during lockdown

Shubhaarambh lead actor Akshit Sukhija is the newest charming boy of Indian Television. His screen presence and acting prowess have been appreciated in the last few months.

Apart from being a good find as an actor in the industry, he is known to be an honest speaker, and people close to him will know of this!!

And today, we at experienced the same when he gave some tacky yet honest answers to our set of rapid fires thrown at him.

You can have a look here:

Would you date a fan?

Yes, I will not mind that (smiles)

How would someone get your special attention?

I get attracted to someone with great humour

Do you sing in the shower? Is there a favourite song?

Actually No, sometimes maybe

If you had a superpower what would you do?

I would go anywhere ‘door’

Your weirdest dream

Watching one of my friends committing suicide, by jumping from the top floor with me just standing there like a robot, and then the same friend came back.

The craziest thing done by you during the lockdown 

I actually thought about this few days back. In 6 days, that is 144 hours, I slept for around 60 hours, and watched TV series for around 55 hours.

You miss the most during the lockdown

Going on set, eating junk food, meeting friends

What would you like to be remembered about you

I would love to be remembered because of my work, talent and the things that I taught people

The best gift you have ever received

Portrait sketch

Texting or talking 

I am more of a texting person, but if it is someone close to me, I would prefer talking face to face


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