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Siddharth Nigam and his muscular body have raised the temperature in the room once again

Siddharth Nigam: The National Crush of India

If we had a way to measure someone’s “crushability”, Siddharth Nigam would rank right up there with all the Bollywood greats. This is principally because of his stunning acting aptitude and solid presence that consistently touches our hearts. The entertainer has contributed freely to the television world throughout the years, with his skilled ability of acting. The star previously showed up on screen as a young performer and assumed the role of Ashoka in the TV drama, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. The star had earlier played the double role of twins in the motion picture Dhoom 3. His latest appearance on screen is in the daily soap opera Aladdin, where he assumes the lead role of Aladdin.

Not just that, he has also been one of the fittest teens of his generations. His physique and personality are beside his popularity in terms of being top class. You will come for his hot and chiselled body and you will stay for his amazing talent in every field. In fact, it is also true that he used to be a national level gymnast. He has won accolades for his gymnastic talents and because of that he bumps himself further up the “crushability” scale. What a guy.

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