Athiya heads to Goa to meet her father

A storm in a teacup, publicity gimmick or real concern…well, the truth or the belief is dynamic, but the man of the hour is certainly Sonu Nigam, singer and reality show host judge (Indian Idol last stint) who has stirred a hornet’s nest by poking conservative religious sentiments.

Sonu’s flurry of tweets on morning azaan (prayers in Muslim community) being nuisance ruffled feathers of one & sundry.

Pro and anti reverts poured in, providing enough fodder for media to weave one story after another.

The issue reached its natural crescendo when Sonu summoned a press conference to clear the air on his viewpoints and sudden social media outburst.

To add drama to theatrics, Sonu shaved his head in response to a Maulvi’s (Muslim cleric) announcement of rewarding Rs 10 lakh to anyone who chops his mane.

“I shaved my head. It’s not a challenge to the Maulvi but a request to contemplate. I would like to ask what are you doing to this country? I am a believer but I don’t think my religion is the best and yours isn’t. I don’t believe in that philosophy. One has to fight fanaticism, one cannot remain quiet all the time,” roared with bloodshot eyes.

He further continued: “My intention was not to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. Let me state clearly. Azaan is important, not loudspeakers. I feel celebs don’t have right to be opinionated in this country.”

Well Sonu, every action has its reaction…this too shall pass!!!

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