The soul of Bhootu is the same with the mother – daughter connect being intact – Akanksha Chamola

Akanksha Chamola talks on the Bhootu revamp and the new variation in her role.

The soul of Bhootu is the same with the mother – daughter connect being intact: Akanksha Chamola

Actress Akanksha Chamola is happy and excited to get into the new phase of her show on Zee TV, Bhootu (Esselvision).

Talking about the recent revamp in Bhootu, the actress states, “Yes, the show has gone through a revamp. As far as the characters are concerned, it is always about the mother and daughter. Of course, Gopal is the connect between us. So for us, there is no change. All the other characters are not anymore there, and that’s the decision of the channel. Season 1 of Bhootu was a different concept. Now they are trying out something very new. However, the soul of the show is the same with the mother-daughter connect being intact.”

On her character getting a new variation, Akanksha avers, “There is a complete change in what Anandita is now. Earlier, she was the devastated mother, seeking revenge and the one who wanted to know the truth. The character was going through all the emotional variations. Now, she has reached a stage where she does not know what is happening around her. She has lost her sanity, lost her husband and doubts the entire world.”

Akanksha sees this opportunity as a challenge. “Personally, as an actor, I am happy that I am getting to play so many variations within a single show,” she explains.

On Bhootu now adapting to the original Bengali version of bringing in new characters every month, she quips, “Yes, it is true that the show will now follow the set pattern of the original series. We are looking forward to build on to the fan base for the show with the interesting storyline ahead.”

All the best, Akanksha!!


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