Madalsa Sharma the talented actress is presently bagging all the limelight with her character Kavya in Star Plus’ Anupamaa, going through a problem situation. Kavya is pregnant and her pregnancy has revived the marital life of Kavya and Vanraj. But the bitter truth of the kid not being Vanraj’s, is now out and this has again dampened the togetherness of Vanraj-Kavya.

We at talked to Madalsa Sharma about this new track and phase in the show Anupamaa.

Says Madalsa, “An artist enjoys his or her work more when he or she bags centre stage. So naturally, these days I am enjoying my work. I am very happy with this new story of Kavya in Anupamaa. The mother and child connection is the most emotional and primal of all relationships. So this phase in the storyline will get intense.”

Ask Madalsa if she wishes to do films, after being married into one of the popular Bollywood families, and she is quick to say, “My family is already in the film industry. Nobody objects if you want to do a film. It all depends on the proposal, the producer, the story, and the character.”

Talking about her off-screen rapport with co-actor Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa speaks up, “The last 3 years have been very hectic. We hardly get time to socialize outside with friends. Sudhanshu is a good friend, and we have a very strong working relationship. Being a senior, his advice is always useful.”

On the learnings she has bagged being in the industry, Madalsa exclaims, “In TV, a lot of hard work is involved in terms of dedication to your work, health, and mental balance. I seem to have been prepared, as my mother has been in it for the past 40 years.”

Well said, Madalsa!! Have a great phase ahead in the show!!