Nia Sharma, who is currently making thunders and bombs with her fiery performance in Do Ghoont, has spoken on the experience she had at Kangana Ranaut’s office, for a meeting she attended there. She even called the conversation stupid.

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In a chat show with Siddharth Kanna, the actress said, “Have you met a big Bollywood director or producer who said this to you also?”

She also added on saying that how she had a stupid conversation when attended a meeting for Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika, saying “No but Manikarnika ke liye ek meeting thi itna sa role ke liye (there was a meeting for a bit part in Manikarnika). It was a stupid conversation. I didn’t go again. Kuch faayda nahi tha uss conversation ka (It was not a worthwhile conversation), it was a waste of time. And then he was like, ‘you look so hot’. I was like, ‘seriously?’” as quoted by Koi Moi.