Vikas Khanna adds a tasty and nutritious twist to the Bigg Boss House with Quaker Oats

I think Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill are very funny in Bigg Boss 13: Vikas Khanna

Vikas Khanna, Michelin Star chef and the face of Quaker Oats – India’s leading brand in the oats segment, is all set to weave some culinary magic on the sets of the country’s most popular television show, Bigg Boss 13. 

Starting the day on a fun and nutritious note, the housemates will be divided into teams to undertake the ‘Quaker Oats Fuel For The Real Fit’ Task. The exciting task involves them undergoing a cook-off challenge, wherein they will have to whip-up delicious avatars of Quaker Oats to win the heart of celebrity chef Vikas Khanna. To add the ‘Bigg Boss’ element of entertainment and spicethe contestants will also have to perform physically grueling activities in order to get an upper hand in the task. 

The challenge will end with a taste-test by Vikas, who will also prepare a lavish spread of unique Quaker Oats recipes for the winners to feast on. The delicious dishes will not only satiate their taste buds, but will also come with the goodness of oats.

Are you a regular follower of the show?

Off and on I’ve been always following the show because I think Siddharth Shukla, and Shehnaaz Gill are very funny. I also like the conviction of Asim Riaz, and I think Rashmi is amazing. I’ve seen them in the show, and I can understand that they’re going to make a huge impact on the screen and off the screen because of their true selves as survivors.

Do you have any favorites amongst these guys?

I think I like all of them, actually you know when a chef enters everybody is thinking that it’s a big deal and there’s a certain regard to this industry now, I remember 15-20 years ago nobody will even pay attention and I feel very proud of this transformation but at the same time I also feel that the respect they gave me in the house was commendable. Most of them, they are all younger than me and for me it was like meeting younger brothers and family members. I personally extremely like, my mother too, we extremely like Siddhrath Shukla. I think Asim Riaz is going to do very well. Paras was very convincing in what he was doing as a task master, he was like the creative leader of the family and I think amongst them Asim was the one who was most excited because he wanted to cook something healthy and learn and he was the one who really want me to stay. And I think Shehnaaz was amazing because of the energy and so organically she responds to everything.

So, would you want to spend more time in the Big Boss house like would you want to participate anytime soon?

My contracts are extended till 2023, till then I’m really busy. I’m constantly in the state of jetlag, I’m constantly sleep deprived because of the commitments I want to keep with myself and my work and my restaurant business. Although it is difficult, I love the idea of living in those conditions and you know a new power within you wakes up.

So, what tip did you give the house contestants considering that cooking has been the main point of fight in the house?

I told them cooking is not difficult. You know as everyone responds negatively sometimes, which might be a survival instinct. But my last words to them was to please try and fight a little less. But I understand that’s the nature of their life right now for surviving it. But I also do feel that some of the contestants have the strength of bringing strange revolution if they use their voices properly and first thing, I told them that cooking is so easy, just do it yourself.

Like Quaker Oats redefines simplicity and fitness who do you think can endorse the products from amongst the housemates like which contestant resonates with Quaker Oats ka personality?

Paras was amazing, Asim was amazing and most of all the girls are fit. I think everybody is in position to endorse a nutritious product like Quaker Oats.

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