Jennifer Winget is an astounding actress but her style evolution from a simpleton to the glamourous diva she is now, is worth watching!

Then vs Now: Evolution of the gorgeous Jennifer Winget

From a simpleton to a style icon, Jennifer Winget has had a tremendous evolution in terms of fashion and she is a style icon every television viewer looks up to in today’s date. She played the role of Piya in Shaka Laka Boom Boom and was all too young back then, who looked like a sweet simple girl on the screen.

Fast-forward to the Jennifer we saw in Dill Mill Gaye, the medical drama show, where she nailed the role of sweet and chirpy Dr Riddhima and dressed for the traditional part all too well. She also went on to host a few shows like Dekh India Dekh, Zara Nach Ke Dikha and her bold and beautiful style was being noticed by one and all.
Then vs Now: Evolution of the gorgeous Jennifer Winget
Her classy and elegant style came to the forefront better than ever when she became Maya on the show Beyhadh. Jennifer won the hearts of audience with her stylish outfits and poised demeanour, which was pertinent to the businesswoman Maya Mehrotra. Fans started recognising her glam wardrobe all the more after an array of outfits that she shone out in, in multiple scenes of the show.
Then vs Now: Evolution of the gorgeous Jennifer Winget 1
Her current role in Bepannah is way different from Maya in Beyhadh, and Jennifer has dressed up all retro to portray Zoya. We are taken away by those soft curls and pretty accessories that she dons along with her traditional attire in this show.

In her journey, we are certain that Jennifer has come a long way in terms of fashion and look, and we are certain that this is just the start. Jennifer Winget already has her cult following, who loves her for her shows, her acting and her glamourous looks, and is always excited to see more of her on the silver screen.

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