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Randeep Rai is a very humble and sweet guy in real and reel life and his female following can’t seem to get enough of TV’s chocolate boy.

We want to be BFFs with handsome hunk Randeep Rai

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai is a popular India television show that has been creating a buzz ever since it aired in 2017 and it’s for all the right reasons! This 90s themed show creates nostalgia for the audiences and we know all too well that we are suckers for cheesy romance and the lovey-dovey relationship stories from the 90 era, and this show delivers all too well.

Randeep Rai plays Sameer in the show and when he comes on the TV screens, with his charming look and chocolate boy persona, women simply find themselves star struck and in complete awe of him. He just has that look about him which could make any woman’s heart skip a beat!

We think he was the perfect choice for the role of Sameer because he brings back that nostalgia with his boy-next-door charms and executes the role at ease! Randeep Rai is a total cool dude even in real life and is an absolute heart-throb of the nation. While he is already a big hit with his female fan following, who all wish they had a man like him in their lives, the men want to know how he stays stylish and trending with his fashion statements at all times.

Randeep Rai is not only an amazing actor but also a fashion icon in the industry. You will never see him not well-dressed and presentable at any hour! He knows just how to wow his audience on the silver screen and he is completely aware of how to wow them off-screen with his stunning wardrobe and fashion game.

It’s tough not to adore an actor like him, who is so down-to-earth and genuine that we all wish to be BFFs with his handsome hunk!

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