Juhi Parmar who essays the lead role of Renuka Tiwari in Zee TV’s Hamariwali Good News gets into an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

I want to enjoy this phase of playing Renuka Tiwari in Hamariwali Good News: Juhi Parmar

Juhi Parmar the talented and versatile actress is back on screen in the role of Renuka Tiwari in Zee TV’s show Hamariwali Good News.

Juhi whose last noteworthy role was in the successful mythological show Karamphal Data Shani, is back in a today’s role, and plays a strong-willed character who does not bat an eyelid before taking the most crucial decision of her life.

In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Juhi Parmar talks of her new show and role.


Welcome back Juhi. What prompted you to take up this concept Hamariwali Good News and show?

The concept of the show prompted me to take it up. It is something which has never been explored on Indian television before, nor have I gotten a chance to work on a theme like this myself, hence I was quite happy to take it up.

How did the lockdown treat you? Guess it must have otherwise been the best time with your daughter Samairra.

While the lockdown had its challenges, I feel it was time well spent for me with Samairra. There was so much we did and learnt together through that entire phase which will always be memorable!

I want to enjoy this phase of playing Renuka Tiwari in Hamariwali Good News: Juhi Parmar 2

What do you think is the USP of Hamariwali Good News?

The USP of Hamariwali Good News is that the show’s concept brings out a social message of empowering and uplifting women through their tough times instead of putting them down! I feel that this is definitely going to work well as the USP, as it always conveys a very positive message which is much needed in these times!

Amidst all the scheming mothers-in-law on TV, it comes as a refreshing change to see one who is all ready to sacrifice. What is your take?

Why does it only have to be scheming when it comes to a mother-in-law? Why can’t a mother-in-law be a mother? So that is exactly what we are trying to put out through the show that a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can in fact have a beautiful relationship and can be best friends. It’s a totally new take to this relationship dynamic which has not been portrayed before, which we also hope spreads the message that such lovely relationships do exist!

You look your best in terms of your look now. Any special care during lockdown?

I have been following a lot of various home remedies being passed onto me from my mother and generations above her as well, which have worked quite well for my hair and skin. It is also about being happy and content from within, as if you are at peace from within it shows on your face and the glow that you see on my face is from that.

You have become a great orator expressing your tales and experiences on social media. How has that been? 

Social media for me is not only connecting with my fans and well-wishers but also a platform which helps me connect with people from different walks of life. Hence sharing my experiences, advice and tips and tricks with them gives me immense joy as its my way of building a personal connect with them.

How is the shoot ambience with the cast? Tell us about it.

The set atmosphere has been great! We are all bonding quite well already, and off screen too we are like one big family as well!

I want to enjoy this phase of playing Renuka Tiwari in Hamariwali Good News: Juhi Parmar 3

What are your expectations from the role?

 This role is something I have never worked on before; so I am going to make sure I enjoy each phase of playing it and hope that in turn it helps me grow in many ways!

Do you think such good-natured in-laws exist in today’s times?

Yes they surely do, as I also personally know some mothers-in-law who are really good and loving towards their daughters-in-law, but again it is a very subjective question & depends from person to person.

Is the sensitive issue of surrogacy is being dealt with in Hamariwali Good News? How is the take going to be?

Renuka is not a surrogate mother. She goes ahead and plans a baby with her own husband which they will then give over to her daughter in law.

Your message to your fans 

No amount of thank you is ever going to be enough for all the love and support you’ll have showered me with through every journey of mine. So as I embark upon this new one, I wish that you all support and love me through this one as well, and I really hope that I am able to entertain you all now as well, just like I have been able to do with all my previous characters.