Niya Sharma who was last seen in Tenali Rama gets into a conversation.

I want to play a character who is the real hero: Niya Sharma

Niya Sharma who was last seen in Tenali Rama has launched her own YouTube channel wherein she keeps herself motivated and also others who follow her.

Niya actually started this channel during the COVID-19 lockdown and has gotten a good response.

Says Niya, “When I lost my father, I was in a mental state wherein I did not feel like coming back to acting. Being the only child, I had to handle lot many things post his demise. The moment I came back to Mumbai, the COVID outbreak started and all was halted. I am a person who cannot stay away from work. So I felt that if I did not face camera soon, I will forget the nuances of acting. This prompted me to do something of my own. My husband too encouraged me to start up with the YouTube channel. I wanted peace by facing the camera and I am doing it.”

“I started the channel for fun and for my own benefit. Up Close and Personal with Niya Sharma has been getting a good response. I share the behind the scenes of actors like us. For example, I was doing the comedy show Tenali Rama. But for me, that was the most difficult phase as my father was very sick and I was juggling between all of this. I used to fly to Delhi and attend his hospital work and get back to shoot. I wanted to connect with people through the channel and show the real me,” adds Niya.

Niya is now gearing up to get back to work. “I am coming back to Mumbai in a week. I am giving auditions already. Let us see when I can get some good work.”

Ask her about the kind of roles she will want to do, and she quips, “I love the grey and negative shades. I want a strong character. Being a woman, I have seen my share of turmoils. In my mother too, I see it. She is handicapped but has fought all her life. She used to take care of my father with one leg till he was there. I want to portray a character of a woman who is the real hero. I will love to do a role like this.This suits my personality and suits my facial expressions too.”

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