Ssudeep Sahir addresses about the recent time-slot change in Woh Apna Sa, and assures fans that there is lot of good drama ahead.

Woh Apna Sa might face short-term TRP issues, in wake of time slot change – Ssudeep Sahir

With Zee TV show, Woh Apna Sa, recently taking a time-slot change from 10 pm to 7 pm, lead actor Ssudeep Sahir accepts that there might be a drop in ratings, for it does take time to rebuild audiences in the new slot.

Says Ssudeep, “People might already be watching something then. But we will surely bounce back, because of a strong plot. No wonder I am continuing with the show, which has been on air for over a year. We are doing all that it takes, in terms of adding high drama, etc.”

Woh Apna Sa has seen a complete change not only in story but also in the executing production house. Rashmi Sharma has taken over in December last year.

“To be honest, the original story had exhausted by September, but as the show was doing well, the reincarnation track was added. I am glad that Rashmi Ma’am is now around to take it further,” states Ssudeep.

“Ideally, I prefer that any show should run for a limited period, with a set story, moving from point A to B. Then, take a break before coming back with fresher elements. In a way, something similar did happen with this show as well. The only difference was that we did not have any seasonal break”, says Ssudeep, who has over the years, done hit shows like Ayushmaan, Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki, Dream Girl — Ek Ladki Deewani, etc.

“I am happy with the way my character has unfolded so far. In a way, the changed story allowed me to try something apart from what I was doing so far,” the actor adds.

For the moment, besides Woh Apna Sa, Sudeep has no other plans, “I always prefer to go with the flow. Anyways, one does not know what happens next.”

Continue your good work, Ssudeep!!

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