Paridhi Sharma the talented actress who plays the lead in Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei has a unique take on life. As we approach the New Year, Paridhi talks about her learnings in the year gone by, and on the expectations for the New Year.


Your thoughts on the year gone by:

The year was difficult due to Covid. I have personally seen pain, suffering and losses in my family. Most of us have got the big learning of valuing one’s family. Apart from that, health is something we cannot ignore. That is the biggest treasure one can possess. Invest maximum time on your health and nurture it.

What do you look forward to the most in the New Year?

As an actress, I look forward to the vast canvas where I can explore my artistic dexterity

The New Year will be fulfilling to you because…..

I am able to manage a very balanced life. This gives me a fulfiling feeling. I am working, at the same time, have the time to spend with my loved ones, especially my baby (smiles).

Your biggest achievement / satisfying moment in the year gone by:

It might sound strange, but my biggest achievement has been my realization of the biggest and greatest gift to humanity, which is laughter and a sense of humour. When my entire family was tested positive for Covid, and my mother’s condition was not improving, I decided to make some funny videos and send them to my mother. She felt so good after watching them that she told me that she laughed her heart out after so many days. That was a realization for me, if you can nurture this ability to laugh even when you are facing the worst, it gives you a positive feeling.

You want to achieve …. in the New Year:

Health and Happiness

Any regrets you have for the year gone by:

I would not call it regret. I will rather call it learning. Learning is not to ignore your health.

Any New Year resolutions? How good are you in fulfiling your goals usually?

I don’t wait for New Year to make any resolution. I believe in constantly growing as an individual, human or as an actress. I do it daily. I believe in growing from within. The success that we achieve is just a reflection of that.