Check out what Arshi Khan has to say on dealing with trolls

I don’t pay any attention to negativity and trolls at all – Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan is currently one of the most popular and talented artistes that we have in the industry. One must note that her claim to fame was her social media videos where she openly discussed about her daily life routine and also controversial issues. She entertained the audience to a great extent in Bigg Boss in the year 2017 and the entertainment quotient was so much that she became Google’s most searched entertainer of that year.

As we all realize, being a popular public figure has two sides to it. On one side comes immense appreciation and love while on the other, there’s a lot of trolling and abuse. So, when we asked Arshi as to how she deals with the latter, she said and we quote,

“The best way to deal with something like trolling is to not deal at all. That’s exactly how I feel about the situation. No matter people say what on my comments or anywhere else, I don’t even see them, let alone getting bothered. In fact, the people who try to troll and then eventually fail, they end up getting bothered due to ignorance from my end. (Chuckles)”

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