IWMBuzz.com reviews Colors show Kuch Toh Hai: Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein.

Review of Colors’ Kuch Toh Hai: Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein: The new shiny blend of the otherwise-seen beastly world

Colors’ newest weekend band show Kuch Toh Hai: Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein has taken its base story from Naagin 5 wherein the protagonist of this show is the kid born to Adi Naagin Bani (Surbhi Chandna) and Cheel Veer (Sharad Malhotra).

The kid is the most cursed one to be living. It has gotten all the attributes of a demon who feeds on blood and that a single touch of its on anything that is prosperous, will immediately be doomed.

The show begins with the introduction of Priya (Krishna Mukherjee) in an orphanage which is handled by her Mam cum mother, played by Vaishali Thakkar. Priya has special powers of being electric quick and having the capability of healing any kind of wound on herself. Priya and her foster mother know of this, but they have guarded this secret from people around. However, a suicide attempt at college by a girl forces Priya to help the girl by going out of the way, thus revealing her special powers by surviving a major fall without any sort of injuries. Soon her video gets viral and her powers get known to one and all. This makes the mother pack her off, by giving her a picture wherein there are many girls standing. One of them in the picture is Bani, and the mother tells Priya to go out and look for her mother and get answers for her special powers.

This sets off Priya’s journey. Her special power points her to go to Mussoorie to get her answers. Priya in a cycle, speeds off to Mussoorie in a manner in which a bullet speeds off from a gun.

On the other hand, we are introduced to Rehan (Harsh Rajput) who is the son of a rich family in Mussoorie. He is a hot and handsome guy, who attracts all the girls around. However, he is not a human, but is a demon incarnate who sucks blood of people. Though he belongs to a rich household, he wants to know his answers as to why he is so cruel and a curse to mankind. He gets a clue in which are written few numbers 31 03 21, indicating to Mussoorie. This brings him back to where he belongs.

Rehan’s family is introduced which has father (Ujjwal Rana), mother (Maninee De). Rehan has a brother Arnab (Akshay Bindra), two sisters Soumya (Himani Sahani) and Mini (Kristina Patel).

On the other hand, there is the other family, that of the Khuranas. Siddharth Khurana (Naveen Saini) and wife Rageshwari (Resham Tipnis), have three daughters – Swati (Ankita Sahu), Roohi (Nibedita Pal) and Arushi (Neha Tomar). Swati Khurana is in love with Arnab from the other family and their alliance gets fixed.

At this juncture, Priya who comes to Mussoorie bumps into Swati and comes to stay in their house as their new PG. Priya is liked by the father and the three girls who make her comfortable. However, the shocker comes when Priya identifies Rageshwari as one of the girls in the picture she has with her. This draws a connect to Priya’s past. Rageshwari quickly realizes this after seeing the picture. Also, Rageshwari is the only one who knows about Rehan as well as Priya’s real identity.

And as the narrative progresses, it is also revealed that it is Rehan who is the son of Bani and Veer who is the most cursed one. And on the date 31 03 21 he will get more of his super powers that will make him invincible with respect to bagging all the beastly powers.

We also have Soumya’s lover Mohit (Mohit Hiranandani) getting attracted towards Priya.

We have also seen sequences where destiny draws Priya and Rehan closer. Rageshwari sees only darkness and nothing beyond if they get close. So she plans to keep them apart.

While this is the story that has gone by, we move to the other aspects of filming of the show.

The shoot of crucial scenes like the one wherein the two girls stood precariously on the top of the building, with Priya trying to persuade the other not to commit suicide, did not look realistic at all. Also, the fire sequence in the jungle where Rehan and Priya see each other lacked the power to connect the audience to the realism depicted in the scene.

Having said this, the ambiance of the jungle, the long shots shown otherwise, and also the colour changing from doom to prosperity was engaging. Even the scene wherein the birds flying high drop down dead when Rehan touches the tree was shot well.

Coming to performances, Harsh Rajput’s side of being a beast is not new at all!! Viewers have seen him play the role of Daavansh in Nazar. Though the graphics involved can be a bit different, it gives the same visual feel which we have seen before!! Also for Harsh, maybe this seems just like an extension to his previous role. We hope we are proved wrong here!! He is a fine actor, nevertheless who can pull this off too!!

Krishna Mukherjee comes across as a breath of fresh air!! It’s been a while since we have seen her on screen. She looks really delightful in her spectacled look. Her dreamy dance showed us how graceful she is in her dance moves. Krishna is doing her job well.

Naveen Saini and Ujjwal Rana are placed well in their characters. Resham Tipnis too looks her mysterious self in the role given to her. Maninee De looks glam, but her broken English is all over the place, making it really jarring to the ear (wonder why the lady of such a rich household should be so bad in English).

The young girls and boys have just been introduced, so nothing much to say about them. Vaishali Thakkar looked good in her role.

Coming to super powers that both Rehan and Priya have, we wonder how either of them could not look beyond their powers to know who the other person actually is. We saw Priya removing her spectacles and seeing things way beyond. Couldn’t she have done just that to know who Rehan is? We hope these questions are answered somewhere as the story moves.

Even though the plot seems very similar to all the Naagin and beastly formats, we should say that the final product does bring in some kind of freshness. Ekta Kapoor knows well when it comes to checking out the pulse of the common man!! If the story ahead is tactfully brought on with twists and turns, the show is capable of seeing a good time.

We at IWMBuzz.com give 3 out of 5 stars.