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Chashni the new Star Plus show produced by SOL Films and Sandiip Sikcand is engaging and different. The concept is a big differentiator for TV, wherein two inseparable sisters are part of destiny’s cruel play where the younger one becomes the mother-in-law to the elder sister.

This unique concept is woven around another interesting thread of the girl being a woman firefighter. Inspiring to see a woman on TV play a firefighter! In an era where every individual talks about woman empowerment, this is one arena where women who are brave enough and have a passion for it can tap a new resource of work.

The show is laden with interesting characters and an amazing cast. The show is surely spearheaded by the two ladies, Amandeep Sidhu and Srishti Singh. Amandeep in the role of the firefighter is marvellous in her role. Chandni’s dedication and sincerity to get back to the job that once her father was part of, have been nicely executed. On the other hand, the younger daughter Roshni looks at the ill effects that have defamed her and her family because of her father being a killer.

The dreaded past that haunts them is of their father, a firefighter Sanjay Chopra, who was responsible for passing an order for a party at a hotel which lacked fire safety measures. This dreaded incident resulted in the death of 40 odd kids. However, the fact is that he was framed for the mistake, which he did not commit. This black mark affected the family so badly that the mother too met with her unfortunate death. The family is disregarded and ridiculed for being the family of Sanjay Chopra. However, Chandni is the only one in the family who believes that her father was innocent.

We have also seen the introduction of Raunaq Reddy, who will go on to be Chandni’s lover. Having said this as of now, the show and the plot is surely dominated by the two ladies. Will be interesting to see how the plot changes post the marriage of the two sisters, as the story will shift to the Reddy household.

While the girls believe that their father is no more, the fact is that he is admitted to a mental asylum by the grandmothers without the knowledge of the girls.

The pace of the show has been very swift with a lot happening in the first week. The love story of Roshni with Nirbhay Dhillon is cute to watch. The plot of Raunaq and Chandni is breezy and engaging. The two exhibit good chemistry together.

The show is high in its concept, that of a firewoman gaining centre stage. The makers have executed the intricacies of a fire station very vividly. The fire drill and the tasks of a fire station are indeed new to watch. Also, the show has amazing performers. Amandeep Sidhu is in top-class form. She is a complete natural in this role. Srishti Singh for a newcomer is extremely good. She displays a wide range of emotions. Must say, she is the best pick to play a role which will go on to get quite complicated.

Sai Ketan Rao, is every woman’s man as far as his fan following goes. As Raunaq Reddy, we see a very different side of his, in this romantically inclined role.

Hitanshu Jinsi as ACP Manav provides great support. Aryan Arora as the lovable Nirbhay is good. Senior actors Vandana Vithlani, Aliraza Namdar are doing a good job.

The show is placed at a night slot, and this might be the only hindrance in it getting desirable ratings. The concept of the show will attract more of the women folks for sure. And we wonder if the late slot of 11 PM is the right one for women of all ages to watch!!

Having said this, Chashni has a lot of substance in it to make the desirable noise. We credit Chashni with 4 stars.

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