Optimystix as a production house needs to take a bow for giving the TV viewing audience a show like Anandibaa aur Emily. This new Star Plus show has been presented so well that we are bowled over by its narrative, amazing dialogues and storyline.

This unique concept which brings in the amalgamation of the desi and videsi cultures is so visually bright. There is no dull moment in the show, not even for a second, and this makes it all the more worth watching.

Starting from the very first scene where a wonderfully lit ambience of Anandibaa shows how people living in the city of Gondal in Gujarat believe and trust in the words of Anandibaa, is wonderfully scripted. Anandibaa has a sixth sense wherein she can predict whether a boy and a girl are worth having each other as soulmates for a lifetime or not!! A woman with all dignity, power and of course great discipline!!

Anandibaa’s nightmares are scary as she sees her youngest son Aarav marrying a firangi. Aarav wants to settle in the USA, and this always brings in a rift between the mother and son. While Anandibaa says, ‘Sapne wahi hote hai jana apne hote hai’, the son says, ‘Apne bhi saath sapne bhi saat’ and promises to take his mother along to the USA.

Aarav meets Emily who has come to Gondal to complete a land transfer deal. Emily longs for love from family, and has never got love from her parents who have separated. Her dream is to find her soulmate in India and live in a joint family where she gets showered with all love.

The casting in this show is brilliant. Jazzy Ballerini is the perfect find to play Emily. Her hard work and perseverance are seen in every scene. Her dance with Aarav was simply mind-blowing.

Mishkat Varma as Aarav is brilliant. Kanchan Gupta as Anandibaa is topclass, and a special mention has to be given to Shruti Rawat who plays the role of Gunjan Bahu. Gunjan Bahu and her histrionics are amazing. Shweta Rajput, Ojas Rawal, Shruti Gholap are doing great in their own characters.

As earlier said, the situational comedy and the crackling dialogues hold the key to this show’s success. Every scene is lit up with the wonderful dialogues. A few that we loved are ‘Bete ka hasta chehra, aankhon main khushiyon ki chamak maa ka ventilator ban jaati hai’, ‘Iske mooh se Aarav sunke aisa lagta hai abhi abhi paida hua hoon’ etc.

The storyline has been pacy. We have seen a lot happening in the first week. Aarav and Emily were destined to meet and get married. Even when Anandibaa and Gunjan tried their best to evade the ‘kudrat’ from bringing them together, they could not stop their marriage from happening.

The story will now be all the more interesting with Emily and Baa’s tashans happening in the house. We look forward to the more funny sequences that will make us crack up more and more.

We credit Anandibaa aur Emily with 3.5 stars out of 5.