Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is an offering coming from Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment, helmed by Rajesh Ram Singh and Pradeep Kumar. After giving the TV viewing audience the endearing show in Choti Sarrdaarni, the makers attempt to show realistic drama again.

This show on Star Plus has Neil Bhatt, newbie Ayesha Singh and Aishwarya Sharma in the lead roles.

The show is filled with many renowned artists from the Marathi industry. It also has a good bunch of young actors.

The show we must say, has a good blend of family values, love, drama and also dwells into the world of law breakers and the politics involved.

The Chavan family has a well-grown family tree headed by the matriarch Bhavani Chavan, played by Kishori Shahane. Then come Ninad Chavan and his wife Ashwini Chavan played by Shailesh Datar and Bharti Patil. We have actors Mridul Kumar and Sheetal Maulik as the other elderly couple in the house. Neil Bhatt aka Virat Chavan is the son of Ninad and Ashwini, while Samrat (Yogendra Vikram Singh) is the son of the daughter of the house, Mansi. Mitali Nag plays the mentally challenged daughter of Bhavani Chavan.

The family has its own politics, with Bhavani ruling the house like the matron. Her late husband Nagesh Chavan is the perfect idol and inspiration to the family, having lost his life for the country. Bhavani is all disciplined and wants the younger generation to set foot on the path shown by her daring husband.

Accordingly, Virat is an IPS officer who gets his first posting in Gadchiroli where there are huge cases of crime and killing. Samrat is in the Army and is equally valiant at work. So bravery runs in the family, but there is a black sheep too in the story.

Ninad Chavan who has also served the police has a secret past related to his work and attitude wherein his one moment of cowardness while on a mission cost him dearly. He tutors his son Virat to not follow his path and presents him with the bullet which was to kill his father during that one not-so-brave incident. This teaching paves way for Virat to understand that duty comes first, above anything and everything!!

Virat who met Patralekha aka Pakhi (Aishwarya Sharma) at the Yoga Retreat has fallen for her. The same goes with Pakhi and their love confession was cut short by the sudden duty call that Virat got. However, they promise to call each other and meet again. But unfortunately, Virat loses Pakhi’s number and his phone which stored her number is damaged. On the other hand, Pakhi gets Virat’s number and calls him exactly when he is on duty. Since he does not recognize her with that one phone call, she is upset and believes that he has forgotten her. Destiny’s call, or the maker’s call if you feel that way!!

Cousin brother Samrat who is home just when Virat leaves for duty, gets an alliance offer from Pakhi’s family. They meet up and Pakhi who has now given up on Virat being her genuine lover, gives her consent for marriage. However, she holds the pain of being abandoned in love.

Coming to the girl, Sai played by Ayesha Singh is fearless, smart and academically very bright. A topper seeking admissions for her medical studies, Sai is devoted to her father who is a police officer in Gadchiroli. Kamal Joshi played by Sanjay Narvekar loves his daughter so very much that he is ready to take VRS from work to accompany his daughter to Nagpur for her higher studies. Their happy life is distrupted by the local gunda Jagtap Mane (Siddharth Bodke) who is obsessed about Sai and wants to marry her. He stalks her, expresses her love in the weirdest way possible and even causes trouble to the father and daughter. The clash between Kamal Joshi and Jagtap ends up big which might cost Sai very dearly in the future. We know that Kamal Joshi will be killed by Jagtap and his father.

Coming to the concept, the makers have stressed on the love that Sai and her father share. For Sai, her world is her father. But soon, her world is bound to come crashing down with the demise of Kamal. That will kickstart the huge sacrifice that Virat will make for his duty. For Virat too, work is worship and he has been taught to think of his work first and keep it as his utmost priority. So he will not think twice before marrying Sai, which will force him to move away from his first love, Pakhi.

The stage is perfectly set for the love sacrifice and the love triangle to kickstart. There will be immense drama for sure that will keep viewers entertained.

With the success of Choti Sarrdaarni, the makers know for sure how to push the tempo with respect to the drama quotient.

Coming to the cast, it is a well-balanced set of actors. Neil Bhatt looks extremely promising in the role of Virat Chavan. The two girls, Ayesha and Aishwarya who are comparatively low in experience are indeed above par when it comes to acting.

Sanjay Narvekar has been fabulous in his role. Kishori Shahane in her own words is ‘mast’… Bharti Patil looks stunningly beautiful here and her expressions are top-notch. Shailesh Datar gives a very restrained performance. Yogendra Vikram Singh is impressive and so is Mitali Nag.

The show will slowly bag the audience interest, as the road ahead will be filled with drama.

The only thing that bothers me is the fact that the love story of Virat and Pakhi does not have such a strong base for revenge to creep in and spread its wings. Agreed, they met and fell in love at first sight, but is that justified to the extent of terming Virat a cheater in love? Will Pakhi’s negativity be justified? Let’s wait and watch for the narrative to flow!!

We at give Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2.5 stars out of five stars.