While shooting a lake sequence the two experienced a near death experience

Accident on Ek Aastha set: Kanwar saves co-star Tina from drowning

Horror and fear seized the cast & crew of Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee (Star Plus, Shoonya Square and SOL) as the lead actors of the show held on to their deaf life while enacting a scene.

Kanwar Dhillon (Shiv) and Tina Philips (Aastha) are thanking their stars for being all hale & hearty.

Our sources from the set of the show shared with us that during a scene which required Shiv to save Aastha, things took a horrific turn when the leads actually battled for their breath grappling to keep their heads above water.

Tensed and worried, we buzzed Kanwar who narrated the incident to Indianwikimedia: “We were filming a scene at Filmcity lake, which is quite deep and infamous for untoward incidents. However, as an actor, you have to enact scenes as per the script. The scene needed me to save Tina aka Aastha. We both entered the lake cautiously. I am not a good swimmer and Tina doesn’t know to swim at all. Once we went in, the sand beneath us sank and we started to lose ground and drown. We were scared. I could manage to gain balance but Tina was in trouble. I had to drag her out. Thankfully we were pulled out by the crew members. But the incident has left us shaken and I am glad that we are fine now.”

Oh boy…indeed quite scary.

We could not connect with Tina for a comment.

However, we are happy that Kanwar and Tina are fine and we wish the two a long happy blissful life ahead.

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