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Arnab Goswami is back

Arnab Goswami Renews Attack  On Bollywood, “He Isn’t Entirely Wrong”

Back from his incarceration news-anchor Arnab Goswami has renewed his attack on Bollywood and its actors. Calling out Arjun Rampal for being summoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau, Arnab ,looking lean and nursing a sore throat , again raised the bogey of Bollywood’s “drug mafia” in his newshour coverage on Saturday.

Arnab also drew attention to the fact that Arjun “liked” doing films about gangsters. He probably meant Daddy, a bio-pic on Arun Gawli, although I can’t see how playing a gangster can be held against an actor.

This, heedless of the Delhi court ‘s order last week restraining Arnab’s Republic TV and Times Now from broadcasting scurrilous opinion on the Hindi film industry.Apparently Arnab has emerged from his imprisonment more determined than ever to speak what he considers to be the truth regardless of the repercussions. Bollywood, it seems, won’t be spared.

In all fairness it must be said in Arnab Goswami’s defence that his ongoing tirade against the Hindi movie industry to cleanse its backyard is not invalid.

A major filmmaker who has stayed away from petitioning the court to restrain defamatory content on news channels, says Arnab is not entirely wrong. “He is loud and aggressive . But he’s also on some level right. Recently an actor was sacked for sexual misconduct.The producers should have taken a long hard look at some of the powerful people involved with his project before making an example of a powerless actor.”

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