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All Hail Dictator Vikas!

Bigg Boss labels Vikas as the Dictator of the house

As Vikas Gupta emerged victorious in the ‘Arshi Chahti Hai’ task, with his meanness quotient rating higher than anyone else in the house; he is now armed with a special advantage! Bigg Boss labels Vikas as the Dictator of the house, giving him unlimited power over the remaining contestants.

Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan and Puneesh Sharma are mandated to follow the dictator’s orders, failing which they must press a buzzer and opt out of the task. But the biggest catch is that each contestant who opts out of the task will need to give up INR 3 Lakhs from the winning amount, thus giving Vikas a chance to earn this money – a total of INR 9 Lakhs of the 3 contestants combined!

Mastermind Vikas jumps into action and the first task for the three of them is to press the buzzer and walk out of the task! Giving it a second thought, Vikas decides to test the limits of each inmate by going after their weak points.

Vikas manages to convince Puneesh to give up his chance in lieu of keeping his hair! Soon, Puneesh and Vikas team up and create new orders to give to the two ladies of the house. Shilpa is asked to make Basundi for Vikas and Hina is asked to pack him suitcase. Trying to make things fun, Vikas asks Shilpa to wear a sari and continue cooking; and then goes on to create a scenario where Hina and Shilpa are long lost sisters and after every 10 mins, they must drop the work they are doing and hug/greet each other.

Hina Khan, trying to fake ill-health tries to shirk off the work, but the shrewd Vikas catches on in time and lashes out at her. He tells Hina to shut up and not utter another word until she’s given permission to do so. Failing this, Vikas goes ahead and presses her buzzer, suggesting that she is no longer part of the task.

Does Hina accept his order or will she fight back?

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