Read to know the biggest twists of TV shows over the last week. We at bring to you the twists in TV shows Anupamaa, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Kundali Bhagya, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Udaariyaan and Teri Meri Doriyaan over the last week.

Biggest TV Shows Twists Of Last Week (15 - 21 May): Anupamaa, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, TMKOC, and more 809381

GEC shows on Hindi Television are always high on drama!! has always been at the forefront, giving our readers updates about newsbreaks related to TV, spoilers, and even engaging and interesting snippets of your favourite shows and actors. We extend our Updates on Television with a new Column that will bring together the interesting drama and high points in the week gone by.

Today being the first day of the new week, we put together the major happenings from your favourite shows over the last week.

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Anupamaa, the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut saw Anuj and Anupamaa bumping into each other at the market. Anuj tries to reveal the truth to Anupamaa, but Vanraj interrupts their meeting, and Anuj fails to reveal the truth. Later at home, the Shahs and Kapadias gather and celebrate Dimpy and Samar’s sangeet ceremony. At the festivity, during the dance performance, Kavya feels uneasy and rushes to the bathroom. Anupamaa notices Kavya and follows her. Soon, Anupamaa questions her about her health, and she reveals about her pregnancy. Anupamaa gets happy for Kavya. Later, Anuj tries to talk to Anupamaa, but she refuses to speak to him and rushes to the academy. After completing her work at the academy, Anupamaa heads home. However, Anuj comes to meet her and takes her to the temple. Anuj apologizes to Anupamaa for breaking her heart and reveals the truth behind not coming to meet her. However, Anupamaa decides to move on in life without him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut saw Abhimanyu successfully performing Abhir’s surgery. Soon, Abhimanyu informs everyone about Abhir being out of danger and having a successful surgery. Abhinav and Akshara get happy. Abhimanyu tries to pacify Akshara when she breaks down. Akshara thanks Abhimanyu for saving her son. Abhir urges Akshara to take him to Kasauli, and she fulfills his wish. Akshara takes him to Kasauli and informs Aarohi about the same as she fails to reach Abhimanyu. Later, Abhimanyu misunderstands Akshara and lashes out at her for bringing Abhir to Kasauli. Akshara tries to make him understand the situation. However, he continues to fight with her. Soon, Akshara and Abhimanyu get into an argument, and Abhinav tries to stop them. Later, Abhinav takes Akshara with him, wherein the former mentions that he is not Abhir’s father. Soon, the latter overhears their conversation and learns that Abhinav is not his real father.

Kundali Bhagya, the Zee TV show produced by Balaji Telefilms, saw Rakhi thanking Palki for treating her wounds and apologizing for disturbing her. She talks to Rajveer about his love for Palki. Preeta sees Rajveer with Rakhi and feels jealous of their bond. Later, Palki and Ketan’s engagement makes Rajveer and Palki teary-eyed. At Mohit’s insistence, Rajveer tells him that he loves Palki. Everyone prepares for the wedding, but Mohit asks Rajveer to stop it. Later, Preeta asks Rajveer not to sacrifice his love for success, but he lies that he does not love Palki. Later, Rajveer feels hurt to see Ketan. Preeta motivates Rajveer to fight for his love. Shaurya’s arrival at Ketan and Palki’s marriage upsets everyone except Preeta and Ketan. Later, Shaurya’s words start to worry Palki and Rajveer. Sandy and Sanju help Shaurya with his ploy against Palki. Rajveer asks Sanju about Shaurya’s plan. However, he refuses to share. When Rajveer questions Shaurya, he tells him that Palki will soon face a storm in her life. Later, Rajveer and Palki’s photos on the projector shock everyone. Shaurya and his friends mock Rajveer and accuse him and Palki of having an affair. Ketan and his family question Palki’s character. Rajveer struggles to prove Palki’s innocence to everyone. Later, Ketan calls off his marriage with Palki.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, the Sony SAB show produced by Neela Telefilms, saw everyone arriving at Popatlal’s name ceremony party except Jethalal and Champaklal. Later, Popatlal gives a speech to everyone. Everyone from Gokuldham society votes for names that would suit Popatlal the most. Later, Popatlal finally finds his perfect name, but Iyer says it’s not the right name for him. Tapu Sena decides to give a gift to Popatlal. Popatlal’s relative’s ghost is angry because she doesn’t want him to change his name. A girl compliments Pyaarelal for his name and will marry someone with the same name. Pyaarelal’s editor is upset with him because he changed his name. Later, Pyaarelal gets into confusion with the police because of his name. Pyaarelal starts doubting his decision to change the name, but Anjali informs him about a proposal that came for him. Later, Pyaarelal asks Taarak to take an off from the office and be with him, but his boss is in a bad mood.

Udaariyaan, the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment, saw Sartaj noticing Ekam suffering in silence and persuading him to move on with his life. Meanwhile, Rupi gets another panic attack during Naaz’s first rasoi. She uses this to her advantage and orders him to sign the property deed. Balbeer lashes out at Nehmat for insulting Naaz and demands her share out of the highway property. However, Sartaj defends Nehmat and asks his father to divide the Randhawa property along with the other deed. Ekam prepares a surprise for Harleen and apologizes to her. However, things turn for the worst when Harleen discovers that Ekam still loves Nehmat and gets heartbroken. When Harleen tries to commit suicide, Nehmat gets injured due to saving her life. However, Sartaj becomes concerned about Nehmat’s critical medical condition and prays for her safety. Sartaj is shocked to see Nehmat’s report and requests the doctor to keep her pregnancy a secret. Sartaj takes Nehmat to his house and clashes with Naaz and Jasmine, who try to stop him. Meanwhile, Ekam meets Nimmo and attempts to talk with her to learn the truth about Nehmat. Ekam gets perplexed after recalling the events surrounding his marriage to Nehmat. He then becomes suspicious and decides to find out the truth with the assistance of Nehmat.

Teri Meri Doriyaann, the Star Plus show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment, saw Angad announcing his idea of marrying Garry and Seerat. However, Sahiba opposes his decision and asks her family to never agree to the proposal. Angad talks to his family and explains his decision to get Seerat and Garry married. Daarji understands Angad’s point of view and agrees to the marriage. Meanwhile, Sahiba goes to her house and asks his family never to agree to the proposal. Sahiba tries to explain the situation to Santosh and Seerat. However, Seerat mentions it is her life, and she will decide. But Ajith makes a final decision, and he calls to say no to Angad. However, Santosh stops him and tells Sahiba to inform Angad and the Brar family about their decision. Sahiba comes home and informs everyone that her father has said no to the proposal. However, Seerat decides to decide for herself, and she agrees to marry Garry. Seerat asks Angad to make a promise. She asks him to care for her even after marrying Garry, and he agrees. Later, the Brar and Monga family come together for Garry and Seerat’s engagement.

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