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Today being the first day of the new week, we put together the major happenings from your favourite shows over the last week.

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Anupamaa, the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut saw Pakhi blaming Adhik for ignoring her while being empathetic to Dimpy. Later, Anuj gets romantic with Anupama after he finds her waiting for him at home. On the other hand, Pakhi feels jealous of Dimple as Anupama takes care of her. Anupama prepares for Kavya’s baby shower. However, Malti Devi gets annoyed seeing Anupama’s involvement and schemes against her. Pakhi fights with Dimple before the ceremony, while Anupama warns them not to ruin the ambience. Later, Malti Devi is shocked to see Leela wearing Anupama’s jewellery. While Malti Devi and Leela have an altercation about Anupama’s gift, Pakhi feels self-pity. The Shahs have a fun day playing games and celebrating Kavya’s Godh Bharai. Soon, Tapish spots Anupama and conveys his love and respect as her fan. Later, Anupama introduces him to the Shahs and performs a dance with him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut saw Abhimanyu questioning Manjiri about Parth’s presence in the Birla house. Elsewhere, Aarohi’s fear strikes when two thieves infiltrate the Goenka residence. The thieves try to kidnap Akshara, but she and Aarohi team up to teach the perpetrators a lesson. Later, Akshara and Aarohi get involved in an accident. The Goenkas feel devastated by Aarohi’s unexpected death. Later, Akshara faces the family’s wrath as she accepts responsibility for Aarohi’s death to protect Ruhi. Manish stops Akshara from seeing Aarohi for the last time. Later, Akshara decides to leave the Goenka house for good. Akshara steps out of the Goenka house for the sake of Ruhi. However, Abhimanyu wants to accompany her and refuses to leave her alone. Abhir and Abhimanyu surprise Akshara by showing her how they decorated the house. Later, Abhimanyu tells Akshara that she should not give up her career.

Kundali Bhagya, the Zee TV show produced by Balaji Telefilms saw Nidhi locking an unconscious Srishti in a room and seting it on fire. Rajveer and Mohit fight Rocky and his recruits to rescue Sristhi from the burning room. Rocky decides to lock them all there. Katya, Nidhi’s goon, abducts Preeta. Karan sees Katya and his gang throwing Preeta into an abyss. He saves Preeta and brings home. The Luthras get emotional to see Karan bringing Preeta home. They all wait for Preeta to regain consciousness. Nidhi is shocked to see this and learns that Rajveer has admitted Srishti to a hospital. Preeta regains consciousness and sets out to find Srishti at the hospital. Srishti stops breathing when Nidhi forcefully presses a pillow on her face. Nidhi leaves after setting Srishti’s bed on fire. Preeta and Rajveer learn that Srishti has suffered severe burns and has slipped into a coma. Nidhi is unaware that Preeta has proof against her.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, the Sony SAB show produced by Neela Telefilms saw Jethalal getting confused about what to gift Babita. Later, Jethalal gets a bouquet for Babita but Iyer is allergic to flowers. Jethalal is in distress as he struggles to find the right gift and consults all his neighbours. Anjali gets upset with Taarak for not giving her gifts while Jethalal dreams about Babita’s gift. Later, Jethalal asks Sundar about Daya. Sundar tells Jethalal that he’s getting a piece of land on the moon at a very small price and asks Jethalal to give him the money for the same. Bagha and Nattu Kaka tell customers about their festive special offers. Later, Jethalal gets a call from NASA. Bagha urges Jethalal to buy land on the moon as a good investment opportunity.

Junooniyatt, the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment saw Seerat observing Karwa Chauth fast for Jahaan. However, Elahi also keeps the fast. At night when they celebrate the festival, Elahi witnesses Jahaan’s life being in trouble and soon comes to his rescue. However, while saving Jahaan, she gets badly injured and Jahaan rushes to help her. Injured Elahi decides to complete her Karwa Chauth ritual and Jahaan helps her in breaking her fast. Seerat gets angry at Jordan after she learns that he tried to kill Jahaan. Jordan in anger accepts his evil act and Seerat is shocked. Meanwhile, Elahi also overhears their conversation and is surprised to learn Jordan’s motives. Jahaan and Elahi gear up for their wedding after Jordan and Seerat get exposed. However, Jordan kidnaps Jahaan, the latter manages to defeat Jordan and gets him arrested. A small leap takes place and Elahi and Jahaan get blessed with a baby. The show ends on a happy note

Teri Meri Doriyaann, the Star Plus show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment saw Romi trying to kill himself and Sahiba, but Angad comes to the rescue. While Romi gets arrested, Sahiba brings Angad to the hospital. Romi’s father comes to the hospital and finds out about Romi’s actions. Later, Sahiba learns that Angad can’t get bail because of Romi’s mental state. Sahiba’s anxiety spikes as Yashraj unveils a piece of shocking evidence. The evidence presented by Yashraj and his testimony against Romi convinces the judge of Angad’s innocence. Later, the Brars thank him for doing the right thing. Jasleen expresses her astonishment at Yashraj’s success and engages in a heartfelt conversation with him. Meanwhile, Sahiba and Angad return to the Brar mansion. Manbeer furiously demands Sahiba and Angad’s separation. Later, Sahiba gets emotional when Manbeer and Seerat force her to sign the divorce paper.

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