The wait is over! Salman Khan is all set to welcome his leading lady from Tiger Zinda Hai, Katrina Kaif to the stage of Bigg Boss 11. Together, the two will sizzle the stage while dancing to the tunes of the track ‘Swag Se Swagat’. As part of a special treat for this Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Katrina reveals that the worldwide release of the next track of the movie will happen in tonight’s episode.

Salman then escorts Katrina to a lie detector seat that is put up on stage. He then goes on to ask her fun questions like who is your favorite co-star, are you a hardworking actor and about her dance moves. In return, Katrina then requests Salman to take over the seat and cross questions him. She asks him about his favorite costar, what his workout routine is like, and why he takes off his shirt in the climax of each movie!

After the fun segment, mega star Salman Khan takes on his role and starts his Vaar on gharwale. Now that Hiten has recently lost the hair on his legs, courtesy Akash, Salman jokes and asks Hiten to show off his legs by wearing a pair of shorts and then asks him to shake a leg on a Katrina number ‘Chikni Chameli.’

Enquiring about the villain of the house this week, most gharwale nominate Puneesh for his aggressive and abusive behavior this week. Salman agrees and calls Puneesh to the dreaded Katghara for questioning. Upset that Puneesh wasted food in a fit of anger, Salman gives him a life lesson he will never forget! Bandagi jumps to his rescue by suggesting that everyone in the house takes advantage of his short temper and corners him; to which Hina says that Bandagi supports this aggressive behavior.

In true Weekend Ka Vaar style, Salman expresses his disappointment with the contestant’s creativity and originality while performing the luxury budget task. He questions Hina for using Chili Powder in the task, and then goes on to ask Priyank if this move was justified. Vikas steps in and accuses Priyank for not supporting him as ‘sanchalak’ in the task. He then lashes out at Hina for stooping down to an inhuman level where she refuses to give water to a person who is suffering in pain.

In final moments, Salman Khan reveals that Katrina will be entering the house the following day. 

What is the special surprise she has in store for the gharwale? Watch the episode tonight.