&TV has recently announced the launch of a new mythological fiction show, ‘Bal Shiv’. For the first time on Indian television, ‘Bal Shiv’ will depict an untold mythical story of the mother and son’s eternal bond (Mahasati Anusuya and Bal Shiv) through exploring various chapters of his childhood and self-discovery.

Essaying the role of Bal Shiv in the show will be the child artiste Aan Tiwari. As for the grown-up avatar of Mahadev, actor Siddharth Arora has been roped in.

Now, as per a credible source, young star Aaditya Bajpayee, who entertained masses in Kaatelal and Sons, Indiawaali Maa, and Mere Sai, will join the cast of the above-mentioned show. Aaditya will be seen playing Naitri Dev, God of Horoscope.

We buzzed the actor and channel spokesperson but could not get any response.