Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 has been making headlines ever since the announcement. Shockingly, the eviction took place in the first week, and sportsman Neeraj Goyat was the one evicted. In an exclusive interview with IWMBuzz, Neeraj Goyat talked about his eviction, his bond in the house, Shivani Kumari, and more.

Neeraj Goyat’s Reaction On About Nomination

When asked about his reaction when he got nominated, Neeraj said, “There was nothing shocking because, at that time, I felt like there was only one person who wanted that Neeraj should not be here because others didn’t want, so I felt because one person such a big decision will not be taken. Because when others are liking, others’ want that I should play more in this so this is not because of anyone.”

Neeraj Goyat’s Reaction On If He Lost Because Of Voting

Neeraj expressed that there is no chance that he got out because of voting because several friends and so many people voted for him, so there is no chance that he lost in front of Shivani because of voting.

Further, Neeraj said, “I got votes from everywhere, not only from one place but from everywhere. Also, I didn’t lose because of the housemates. I lost, and why I lost, I don’t know why I’m out.”

Neeraj Goyat’s Reaction On Friendship With Shivani Kumari, His Performance Etc

Neeraj revealed that he took a stand wherever needed but did not forcefully fight or indulge in any matter. He emphasized that he shared a great bond with Shivani Kumari and also advised her as she is young and lacks experience. He added that his bond with everyone in the house was good.