Rooprashmi Sharma will now enter the Sony SAB show Vanshaj. She will be the catalyst to a mystery expose. The show is produced by Swastik Productions, helmed by Siddharth Kumar Tewary.

Exclusive: Rooprashmi Sharma to enter Sony SAB’s Vanshaj credit: Rooprashmi Sharma Instagram

Actress Rooprashmi Sharma who was recently seen in TV shows Dil Diyan Gallan and Maitree, will now enter the Swastik Productions show Vanshaj on Sony SAB.

Sony SAB’s show Vanshaj has brought to the forefront an interesting storyline that cleverly mixes family conflicts, political plots, and the complex relationships within a rich business family, popularly called The Mahajans. The show has Mahir Pandhi, Anjali Tatrari, Puneet Issar, Akshay Anand playing crucial roles.

Rooprashmi will play the role of Avni D’Souza and it will be a very important cameo role.

As per a reliable source, “Avni will be the catalyst to a lot of closed secrets related to the Mahajan family coming out. She will reveal the truth of the past with respect to Shobhna Mahajan’s life. Avni will come in as Secretary to Prem Mahajan.”

We buzzed Rooprashmi and she confirmed the news saying”Yes, this is a very interesting cameo role. This is special as I am sharing screen with my co actor from my 1st daily soap “Chi n Me” for Zee TV after 18yrs, Akshay Anand.”

We buzzed Producer Siddharth Tewary and the channel spokesperson but did not get revert.

Family drama Vanshaj has been quite a rollercoaster ride for its viewers. The lead actress Anjali Tatrari takes on the role of Yuvika, who faces numerous challenges as she seeks to unravel the mystery behind her father Premraj’s (played by Akshay Anand) murder.

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