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Apparently Mr Bachchan’s reverential aura is being seen as a means to bring warring parties together for a dialogue

#FWICEStrike: Amitabh Bachchan sounded off to intervene and mediate?

IndianWikiMedia has been tipped off by industry sources that Amitabh Bachchan’s might and credibility is being seen as a succor to bring an end to the FWICE strike deadlock.

Though the information cannot be validated with confirmation from the mentioned party, we have strong reasons to believe that someone high in authority in Maharashtra government apparently has asked Mr Bachchan to intervene between warring parties to open doors of conversation and seek a possible solution.  Of course, the decision is as per the superstar’s discretion.

Says a source, “Only if someone reverential intervenes than one can look at a possible dialogue.  Or else the deadlock will continue.”

We buzzed B N Tiwari (FWICE) and J D Majethia (IFTPC) for a comment but did not get any revert till the time of filing the article.

We could not connect with Mr Bachchan.

IndianWikiMedia will soon come up with more updates.

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