She can love you a lot and then suddenly hate you, the same way she felt for Arjun. Beyhadh 1 was only about the love of Maya. Her possessiveness over Arjun says it all. The story of Beyhadh started with her hatred towards her father Ashwin Mehrotra and ended with the obsessive love for Arjun Sharma. But Beyhadh 2 is full of twists.

Remember how much she was afraid of other colours, so she only wore white colour clothes, here Maya’s choice is changed to black colour.

The character of Maya Mehrotra from the series Beyhadh is that of an obsessive lover. Her role in it goes from being a sweet lover to the evil character of an obsessive lover. She has played the protagonist and the villain at the same time. The whole serial is focused on her role and is appreciated by the audience for her acting.

Maya is afraid of her father Ashwin Mehrotra as he tortured her when she was small. She is independent and confident, so she is perfect to be an ideal wife. She pampers and cares for you all the time, so she is the best match for you. Anyone like Maya will not ever cheat on you. She is very possessive and knows exactly how to kick the stalkers away, so you don’t need to worry boy. She always tries to impress you and your family, so no need to worry.

Beyhadh 2 is seeing a different persona in Maya altogether. Revenge, revenge, and revenge alone is the modus operandi of the girl and as usual, Jennifer Winget is slaying it.