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Karan Mehra who was seen in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a proud father and owner of the one-of-its-kind community of fathers called UNIDAD. He talks about it.

Karan Mehra launches UNIDAD, gives a shout-out to all fathers to join the community

Karan Mehra the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor is the coolest dad in telly town at the moment!!

Reason?  Well, he has launched the coolest, inspiring community space created ‘just for dads’.

Called UNIDAD, that is the Universe of Dads, the community formed on Facebook is a shoutout to all fathers, to let them know how rewarding it is to be called father. It stresses on the fact that a dad should know how important he is, and how he should carry out his responsibilities of being a good father.

The best part is that this community is powered by the World’s largest community of moms #Unimo which has 4 lakh mommies already.

The community has been built by Karan Mehra and his friend and of course a dad too, Hitesh Kanabar.

As we know, Karan is married to Nisha Rawal and the two of them are blessed with a son, Kavish Mehra.

Says Karan, “Basically the thought was to create something first-of-its-kind in India. There is no community like this. We are gaining momentum and already have members from Spain, Australia, USA. I was generally in talk with the founders of Unimo, the largest community of Mothers. Neha, wife of Hitesh Kanabar owns Unimom, and the idea with Hitesh was put into action.”

“Fathers usually do not know the proper guidelines to follow when their wives are pregnant, working etc. They do not know the right way of involving in the child’s upbringing, and what they like and want etc. Unidad is a platform catering to dads of all generations. My dad is there in the group. This community educates, helps in putting in your contribution as a father. As a father, I have been through the process. I have done anything and everything for my son. I am a good hands-on dad. A lot of people have taken up to do more for their kids in recent times, especially in metros. We launched the community on 14 May, and it has hardly been a few days. However, the response got has been immense. We already have 600 fathers in the community as members,” Karan avers.

“Fathers cooking for children, giving ladies a break they post of it. They talk of their travel stories with kids and family. This has never been done before.”

“As fathers, we need to take up and own up the responsibilities of our family and children. We cannot always leave it completely on the mothers and keep away from all of it. Earlier, I had no clue as to how to handle when we have a child. Today’s scenario is very different. So it is all about learning and inspiring other fathers to pitch in more.”

If one needs to check out the activities owned up by fathers for their kids and family check the group here.

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