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Zee Punjabi’s Comedy Show Hasseya Da Halla Paega Jaswinder Bhalla Is A Laugh Riot

Laugh Out Loud With Zee Punjabi’s Hasseya Da Halla Paega Jaswinder Bhalla

Laughter, actually, is the best medicine. One probably must have heard the phrase many times in life, but never has it been so important and relevant than today’s difficult times. Given that we are living with a global pandemic, facing significant economic and mental strain, it may be hard to maintain one’s sense of humour, but we need to keep the smiles alive.

To smile and live in mirth is the need of the hour in the stressful times of Covid. Many are confined in their homes with their loved ones and to ensure family bonding, togetherness and a necessary escape from everyday trials & tribulations, Zee Punjabi’s weekend family comedy show is a must-watch. It is fun and entertainment unlimited. The show is being hosted by legendary Jaswinder Bhalla. You can laugh out loud twice a week with Hasseya Da Halla Paega Jaswinder Bhalla.

Says master artist Jaswinder Singh Bhalla:

“These are trying times and we must keep the fun alive in our lives. Laughter brings positivity and happiness and lights up the surrounding. Hasseya Da Halla Paega is spontaneous, fun, lively, chirpy and quirky. We will have stand-up comedy acts, gags and skits, along with interview, banter and games with the celebrity guests. Principle gag artists will be Minto, Lucky, Nisha Bano and Gurpreet Bhangu, Sanjeev Attri. Your weekend masti is sorted with Hasseya Da Halla Paega.”

Jaswinder Singh Bhalla needs to introduction. He is a legend. Jaswinder Singh Bhalla is an Indian actor and comedian who works in Punjabi cinema. He started his professional career as a comedian in 1988 with Chhankata 88 and started acting in film Dulla Bhatti. He is best known for his comedy series Chhankata and comedy roles in various Punjabi films.

He started performing on Independence Day and Republic Day shows, Jaswinder Bhalla and two of schoolmates got selected for All India Radio in 1975. As a student at Punjab Agricultural University, Jaswinder Bhalla had done comedy performances in university programmes. He started his professional career in 1988 along with co-performer Bal Mukund Sharma with audio cassette Chhankata.

Wow, indeed inspiring!!!

Supporting Jaswinder ably are the extremely talented gag artists. Born in Punjab, Nisha Bano was always active in art and cultural events since her school days. Her acting career started through a TV show Hasde Hasande Ravo aired on MH1.

Minto is a well-known Punjabi Actor and comedian. He is highly educated and qualified. Some of his movies, TV & Web series include; Mundeya to bach ke rahin, Jawani Zindabad, Canada di flight, Teshan Life ka recharge, Comedy superstar, Comedy SITCOM, Laughter house and Comedy Studio on Amazon Prime.

Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu is hilarious. She had made her mark in the movies with her spectacular performances .She’s known for singh vs kaur (2013) ambarsariya (2016) vaisakhi list (2016) nika zaildar 2 among others.

Next is Sanjeev Attri, a multifaceted personality who has not only worked on comedy shows but also has marked his identity by working in movies. His talent and experience enabled him to win ‘Comedy Superstar’, a show that aired on Sab TV in 2015. He has been a part of more than 500 live shows as well.

Vikram Jeet Lucky is a Punjabi actor (NSD) and comedian. Worked as director, artist ,writer and comedian all in one.

Apart from them, the rotational gag artists include Rajiv Goldy. Nazish Maan and Vandana Chandel.

Now that’s what you call a powerhouse of talent.

Tune in to Hasseya Da Halla Paega Jaswinder Bhalla on Zee Punjabi on weekends and say adieu to stressful times. It’s the perfect choice to spend some quality time with family in the comfort of your home.

And guess what? Who better than Jaswinder Bhalla to entertain you the best.

Live and laugh with Hasseya Da Halla Paega Jaswinder Bhalla, only on Zee Punjabi.

Laugh Out Loud With Zee Punjabi’s Hasseya Da Halla Paega Jaswinder Bhalla 3

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